Lab Impressions

The Commodore 64 returns, seriously

One of the most user-friendly home computers ever made is being relaunched with a retro look and price, but with something extra under the hood.

What to do if you're shut down? Make a game of it.

If the government closes shop, there are fun, free and possibly even useful things you can do with your time.

Google's +1 is, like, strangely familiar

We know that the Facebook folks already got the good one. But did Google really have to resort to making people go around "PlusOneing" things, and finding out what their friends have already "PlusOned"?

D.C.'s 'worst' cell phone ranking smells like hot air

A J.D. Power survey ranked the Washington-Baltimore region last among 27 metro areas in cell phone service. But what did the survey really measure?

Can 'Xeroxing' be trademarked if there's no other word for it?

Xerox has launched many a campaign to try to people away from using its name generically to mean photocopying. But people will call things what they want, as an Ohio court case shows.

Is CEO's honesty about Galaxy Tab and iPad 2 really the best policy?

The CEO of Samsung admits the Galaxy Tab 10.1 is inferior to Apple iPad 2, but couldn't he have had something good to say?

Time to feel sorry for spammers?

In reading about Spam King Robert Soloway's release from prison, Lab Director John Breeden II finds he's a lot less angry at spammers than he used to be. Why?

Multiband radios are put to the NASCAR test

This week, the Homeland Security Department began a 30-day pilot test of multiband radio usage in Phoenix designed around a NASCAR event. If it works in that setting, could it work in a real emergency?

Watson's 'Jeopardy!' win impressive, but was it set up to win?

The performance by IBM's Watson on "Jeopardy!" wasn’t nearly as impressive as it seemed, GCN Lab Director John Breeden II writes.

Choosing the right cell phone gets complicated

There's a lot more to judging a cell phone these days than just whether you can "hear me now."

Google, Bing in slap-fight over search results

Microsoft should just own up to reverse-engineering Google. After all, in this business, isn't that the sincerest form of flattery?

Testing smart-phone security apps on a Droid X

Get your cell phone ready for the next outbreak. Antivirus companies are starting to make products to protect smart phones before hackers can get a foothold, and the GCN Lab checks out three of them.

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