Lab Impressions

A toast to Cobol, a true computing hero

Without Cobol, computers from Hewlett-Packard might have been designed without the ability to run programs on or talk with systems manufactured by Dell.

Last Gadget Standing: Where trade show meets 'Survivor'

CES' annual showdown to determine the product most likely to change the face of technology has a lot to like.

Better, faster, cheaper: What to look for in technology this year

With budgets ever tighter, you need to get the most for your IT dollar. The GCN Lab will be testing some essential, useful and very cool products this year that fit the bill.

Are tablets the tombstone for Microsoft?

An InformationWeek writer contends that, because tablet PCs have finally reached their tipping point, whatever that is, Microsoft is doomed, because many tablets don’t run Microsoft’s OS. If it turns out to be true, it would be quite ironic. But it won't happen.

Do Comcast's Internet 'glitches' vindicate cloud skeptics?

The recent Internet disruptions to millions of Comcast customers -- in 'glitches' that look suspiciously like hacks -- show that moving to the cloud is not without risks.

WikiLeaks attackers misfire badly

The first WikiLeaks hackers were so terrible, they really should not have bothered. Did they come back for another try?

3 technologies to be truly thankful for

Lab Director John Breeden II offers his list of technologies that make him happy. What's on yours?

25 years with Windows: What’s your story?

This month marks an important landmark in the computer industry: the 25th anniversary of the Windows 1.0 operating system. Love it or loathe it, you can’t deny the significant impact Windows has had.

Death (and close calls) by texting

After a near accident on the Capital Beltway, GCN Lab Director John Breeden II is beginning to see the value in products that lock down phones when users are in their vehicles.

Is free virus protection inferior?

A debate erupts about whether antivirus software you pay for is better than the free stuff.

Explorer: Shut your cookie hole

We need to fix the cookie security hole.

Google fires engineer for stalking

Google fires engineer for violating teens’ privacy rights.