Lab Impressions

Apple changes its tune on third-party app tools

Apple has reversed itself on app tools and its online store, opening the door to better third-party applications. But you still won't be able to view Flash.

Battery technology gets recharged

Developments in battery technology may be unknown, but they are happening every day.

Open source's roots in the 19th century

Open-source is a term typically associated with current software development, but Greg Crowe finds the precedent was set in the 19th century, with Louis Daguerre's pursuit of photography.

How to trick Windows XP SP2 into thinking it's SP3

A service pack hack allows Windows XP SP2 users to get some updates meant for SP3 systems.

The Pirouette Man, a sharpened nib and the Jack Black effect

GCN's Trudy Walsh bids farewell after many years covering government and information technology.

When technology fails: a cautionary tale from the Gulf

GCN Lab director John Breeden writes about his memories of another disaster in the Gulf of Mexico, and the literary project it inspired.

There's gonna be a jailbreak

GCN Lab director John Breeden is glad new government rules let him do whatever he wants with his iPhone.

Intel or AMD? It depends on if you want performance or value

Using the latest Passmark benchmark, GCN Lab director John Breeden contrasts the performance of Intel chips vs. the value of AMD processors.

Adobe builds sandbox for document security

Adobe's new release will confine display of PDF files to a sandbox.

The summer of my Droid

A six-month stint with a Verizon Wireless Droid by Motorola eased daily tasks for GCN’s Trudy Walsh.

The prescription for cell phone viruses

Although malware targeting mobile devices is on the rise, there are some things you should know -- and some steps you should take -- that will keep yours uninfected.

Be an astronaut hero with NASA's Moonbase Alpha game

NASA’s new Moonbase Alpha game gives you the thrills and chills of a moon mission from your PC.

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