Lab Impressions

Will you live long and prosper? Take the quiz.

As medical researchers close in on the "longevity gene," an online quiz lets you get a read on your own expected life span.

iAutopsy: Getting to the bottom of gadgets from the inside out

Forensic analysts at Chipworks disassemble mobile devices, documenting the process each step of the way.

iPhone advice from Dr. Jobs

The iPhone 4 is reportedly having problems with dropped calls and reduced signal strength when you hold it the way you want to. But we have a solution that will stick.

FEMA's planned disaster game should pull no punches

The Federal Emergency Management Agency and Legacy Interactive are looking for ideas for the online 'Disaster Hero' game. John Breeden II, GCN Lab Director and avid gamer, says kids and others will learn more if the game isn't sugarcoated.

Does Gulf oil spill require the mother of all solutions?

GCN Lab’s Greg Crowe examines a proposal to fix the oil spill in the Gulf by blowing it up.

Hacking's all a game to me

GCN Lab director John Breeden looks at Uplink, a game that takes you back to the golden days of the 56k modem hack.

Try a tablet that acts like a book.

GCN’s Trudy Walsh is intrigued by the Kno, a prototype dual-screen tablet.

NFL technology is in play on the battlefield

The idea of the military tapping replay technology used by the National Football League to manage the fast-growing volume of battlefield video shouldn’t be overturned, GCN Lab director John Breeden writes.

Remember the fallen this Memorial Day

GCN Lab director John Breeden considers the real meaning of the first holiday of summer.

Did Google take data from your WiFi?

GCN Lab's Greg Crowe looks at possible litigation against Google. takes the 'Mumsy' test

GCN writer Trudy Walsh's 90-year-old mom weighs in on the usefulness of the newly redesigned

Happy birthday, Mr.

On its first anniversary, debuts a redesign that makes the 250,000 government data sets easier to use.

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