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iWant: Shortage of iPads fuels desire

GCN Lab director John Breeden isn't too worried about a shortage of iPads at the product's launch; Apple says it's still on target to sell 6 million of the devices this year.

Follow me to F O S and E – and say hello

The GCN Lab staff abandons its cave to go looking for the best new technology being introduced at FOSE.

Apple backs up iPad's battery -- for a price

Apple has a program to give users refurbished iPads when the batteries fail.

DHS wants to make your cell phone a 'smell' phone

The Homeland Security Department is working on developing a cell phone with an artificial nose that can detect and warn of chemical attacks.

Lab puts new iMac to the test

In the past, Apple's iMac has shown mediocre performance in GCN Lab tests. How does the new model fare?

For whom does the bell toll? It tolls for thee, IE6

GCN Lab director John Breeden checks out the online funeral held for Internet Explorer 6, but notes that it still has more market share than IE7.

Killer cell phones, Part 3: Enemy of the state

GCN Lab’s Greg Crowe questions the effectiveness of adding health warning labels to cell phones.

Attack of the killer cell phones, Part 2

GCN Lab’s Greg Crowe responds to reader comments about cell phone health risks.

Is your cell phone trying to kill you?

Studies that link cell phone use to cancer probably aren't going to scare us into not using them, but is the risk even real? GCN Lab's Greg Crowe has some thoughts.

Is Kindle for BlackBerry a sign that we're forgetting how to appreciate a book?

GCN Lab's Trudy Walsh wonders if we are too tethered to our smart phones.

Outlook to add Facebook, social networking

Microsoft will add Facebook functionality to Outlook, making even those leery of social networking, like GCN Lab director John Breeden, consider jumping into the pool.

Microsoft security patch could cause blue screen of death

GCN Lab director John Breeden on news about Windows XP users who downloaded a patch this week and got socked with blue screen of death errors.

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