Lab Impressions

Snow, go home!

Snow beat the D.C. region this winter, despite our advanced technology, says GCN Lab director John Breeden II.

There's no panic like snow panic

GCN Lab's Trudy Walsh takes a look at comments about her Impressions item on DC's snow panic, saying that this time, the panic may have been appropriate.

DC pushes the snow panic button

The GCN Lab's Trudy Walsh says some cities have champion sports teams; D.C. has its snow panic.

Steve Jobs responds to GCN's iPad coverage, while Mac faithful howl

Lab Director John Breeden II attempts to clear the air after a column questioning battery life claims for the new Apple iPad draws the ire of the Mac faithful. Along the way, Steve Jobs writes to back the claims.

FAQ on the Apple iPad’s IPS display

GCN Lab director John Breeden II is surprised the iPad features an IPS display—they’re total power hogs.

Open PC is Mac deja vu all over again

The GCN Lab’s Greg Crowe notes that the Open-PC's Linux-only approach could curtail its wide adoption.

Apple iPad: Books, music, Web and the kitchen sink

The iPad uses multi-touch sensors, so users can swoosh and swipe the screen to move data around. It also offers an onscreen keyboard that you can size.

IBM goes mobile

GCN Lab Director John Breeden notes that IBM is scoping down from servers and supercomputers to the world of handhelds.

Google’s broken China

Google sticks to its guns in opposing human rights violations by Chinese government and reconsidering its operations in China.

Tablets for the taking at CES

Rumors swirl around Apple tablet, to be announced in late January.

FOSE tech showcase separates the tools from the toys

FOSE showcases IT that helps feds get the job done.

Some Kingston key drives aren't so secure after all

Kingston isn’t saying how its drives can be hacked, but from what we found experimenting with ours, we can make an intelligent guess.