Lab Impressions

The military’s new suggestion box

The Army Knowledge Online program looked to a young, informed, tech-savvy group of folks to design its Go Mobile program—soldiers.

The world is flat after all (for TVs anyway)

During a rare week off, the GCN Lab checks out the local big box stores for a flat-screen TV.

Open source comes to Army Go Mobile program

The Army’s Maj. Keith Parker demos the Go Mobile kit to the GCN Lab.

Bird is the word for 2009

Be kind to your fine feathered friends or else they might drop a piece of sandwich into your particle accelerator.

Hold off on that Windows 7 installation

The key federal guidelines that agencies will need to install Windows 7 won't be out until next year.

Security now!

Which Web browsers are most secure? The GCN Lab has some thoughts.

But does it go to 11? 10-gigabit networks are real, if rare

HammerHead's 10-gigabit/sec network analysis tool is now available for specialized networks.

Twitter, LinkedIn join forces, blurring the lines between work and play

The partnership of Twitter and LinkedIn spurs an online identity crisis for the GCN Lab.

TwitterPeek: Any point?

GCN Lab ponders the uni-tasking TwitterPeek.

Spammers jump on the Windows 7 bandwagon

The GCN Lab finds its spam box filled with fake Windows 7 updates.

NEO Pro e-mail tool gets a grade change

The GCN Lab changes its mind about NEO Pro 4.0 e-mail organizing software.

'Netbook' becomes a household word

After a few years of semantic squabbling, “netbook” becomes an acceptable term.