Lab Impressions

Windows 7 and netbooks: A bad mix

The Lab tests Windows 7 on streamlined notebook computers, only to find that the new OS reduced performance benchmarks substantially.

A Kindle for the rest of us?

Starting next month, Amazon will offer a free version of Kindle for PC users.

How low can Windows 7 price go?

The GCN Lab spans the globe looking for less expensive versions of Windows 7

Deja Vista: That's the impression that we got about Windows 7

With the release of Windows 7 yesterday, GCN Lab Director John Breeden responds to reader comments about his review of Microsoft's next-generation operating system.

A boy, a dog and embedded references to Windows 7

Fox cartoon will air "commercial free," but will contain embedded references to Windows 7

Getting your fingerprints on Windows 7

Windows Biometric Framework should make middleware compatibility easier.

Now you, too, can count the seconds until Windows 7's release

Free countdown clock tracks the seconds so you don’t have to.

A whole new dimension in speaker technology

The GCN Lab was practically awestruck by the FleXpeaker, less than 0.04 inches thin. And you can bend it, which I guess is why they picked its name.

My dinner with Windows 7

Windows 7 was much quicker to install than the GCN Lab had feared, but had a strange side effect in one respect: it was oddly silent.

Kylie, you forgot the GCN Lab!

It seems like almost every reviewer but the GCN Lab has made it into Kylie’s Windows 7 slideshow of bunnies and kittens.

How to upgrade (relatively) painlessly to Windows 7

Transferring files with Windows Easy Transfer is a relative snap, relatively speaking, creating a clean canvass for the new OS.

Two cool ideas on assistive technology from IDEAS

The GCN Lab checks out the latest assistive devices: a 508-compliance document checker and a face-to-face communication device.