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Wireless power charging: Tesla's 19th-century idea finally catching on

Wireless power adapters are making headway, more than 100 years after Nicola Tesla patented the idea.

Summer storms can kill your computers, even if you unplug

Take steps to keep your equipment safe from lightning strikes and brownouts, and don't forget about the cable.

Even dictators turn to Twitter

It seems everyone gives this "Twitter thing" a try at least once. And warlord bosses of tiny former Soviet republics are no exception.

Microsoft Surface: Is this the tablet for government?

The company's foray into hardware has some great productivity features, such as a cover/keyboard and a USB port. But will it live up to government needs better than the iPad?

Google vs. Apple map wars: Who loses?

Apple's move to kick Google Maps off of the iPhone and replace it with its own Maps product could have an impact on agency mapping apps -- and spell doom for TomTom.

Ray Bradbury inspired technology but also warned against it

The sci-fi writer's visionary works inspired generations of techies, but his view of the future, or the present, wasn't rosy.

Echograph: The return of low-bandwidth animations?

Old is new again. The animated GIF makes a comeback, but in a new, easy-to-use form that gives you creative options.

Zombie apocalypse strikes – in cyberspace

Social media thought the zombies were attacking, but the flurry still holds a lesson in preparedness.

Is the do-it-all Flame spyware OK if it's on our side?

The highly sophisticated attack toolkit gathering info in the Middle East and Europe is an impressive piece of malware, but should it be any nation's weapon?

Could Yahoo's Axis change the way you browse the Web?

The new plug-in, for use with any major browser, can enhance search, but it might fall short of being revolutionary.

The app to get agencies to start building apps

If some agencies need a push to start building public-facing apps, the Obama administration's digital strategy should get them going. In that way, it's kind of an app in itself.

Navy crowdsourcing tool more than just a game

The Navy is using a computer game to crowdsource ideas to help make our fighting forces more efficient -- and less costly.

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