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Windows 8's new look makes sense, if you can take the shock

The tablet- and touch screen-friendly interface in the Consumer Preview might be familiar to Windows Phone users, but for everyone else, you're not in Kansas anymore.

Air Force wants unhackable comm, like in 'Mass Effect 3'

Researchers funded by the Air Force are exploring using "quantum memories" to secure long-range communications. Where have we seen that before?

'Elite' hacker done in by everyday iPhone function

A hacker who posted racy photos gloating about his hack of police officers' home addresses didn't realize the pictures were GPS-tagged and time-stamped.

Titanic ship remains

Should technology let us violate Titanic's gravesite?

We need to respect the human remains at Titanic's wreckage and support the efforts of NOAA and others to protect the site.

Beware '' and similar sp00fed links in e-mail

Even if you check the URLs for links in e-mail and other messages, you could still be fooled by homographs.

Right on bin Laden, analyst would use tweets to predict future

A company that called Osama bin Laden's death four hours before it was announced claims it can use tweets to predict the future, and has partnered with Twitter to prove it.

Botnet tracker locates zombies inside federal agencies

At FOSE, a system that depicts botnet infections, including within agencies, and other new products show that innovation is alive and well.

Taking in the environment at FOSE

Even before getting down to individual technologies, the FOSE show floor has something to offer.

HAMR smashes storage barrier, 60T hard drives on horizon

Seagate says its magnetic recording technology is ready to produce 6T hard drives now and 60T within a decade, at prices comparable to today's drives.

Neutrinos carry text message through solid rock

Whether neutrinos are faster than light is still up in the air, but researchers find they can take communications through stone.

After 244 years, Encyclopedia Britannica closes the book on print editions

In an era when even on-disk encyclopedias seem to be passé, Britannica's move to all-digital editions was inevitable.

8 great shortcuts for Google Apps, Gmail

If you're new to Google Apps for Government, or even a veteran Gmail user, you might not know about these handy keyboard shortcuts, many of them single-key functions.

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