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3 big differences with Apple's new iPad

It's not called the "iPad 3," but it features some significant upgrades under the hood and on the screen.

PlayStation Vita: Ready for your network?

Almost anything these days could become a client on your network, even a portable gaming console such as the Vita, with all the advantages and risks that entails.

Single-atom transistor: The future of computing?

A transistor on a single atom raises tantalizing possibilities for quantum computing, though maybe not soon.

Officially extinct: NASA pulls plug on its last mainframe

The demise of mainframe computers at NASA brings back memories of those Big Iron days. Have any stories you'd like to share?

If you need cool servers, open a window

Department of Energy scientists want to use outside air, and not much else, to cool the agency's new facility and supercomputer.

The 3 steps to securing an Android smart phone

The military's efforts to make Android phones secure enough for classified information makes sense -- and no Angry Birds have been harmed in the process.

NASA's 'Blast Off' a new frontier for Facebook games

Games on the social media site to date haven't taught users much. But the multiplayer "Space Race Blast Off" is different.

Do candles hold the cure for touch-screen smudges?

The product of an old-world technology, simple candle soot, just might be the answer to a 21st-century scourge, according to German researchers.

NOAA app lets you track aurora from solar storms

If the aurora from coming solar storms will bring Northern (or Southern) Lights to your latitude, OVATION can let you know ahead of time.

Can computers really predict the Super Bowl?

Our computer tells us who will win the Super Bowl. What about the real world?

Undead virus pilfered college servers for more than 10 years

The City College of San Francisco recently found a virus that had been taking banking and other data from students since 1999, proving a point about long-lived threats.

What's wrong with SOPA: Here's one example

Wikipedia's dark pages show what a world with SOPA and PIPA would be like.

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