Arabic language app walks the talk

Downloadable from the Apple App Store, this Arabic-speaking companion is a mobile friend for people who want to learn the language.

Olympus Tough 8000

We were highly impressed with the picture quality of the 10-megapixel unit and ruggedness of it. Even with a 2.7-inch LCD screen, the Tough-8000 wasn't damaged at any height dropped from within military specifications.

8 rugged devices that are ready for field duty

The GCN Lab tests eight rugged devices ― from phones and cameras to laptop PCs and vehicle-mounted computers ― that are fit for military and other tough assignments.

Casio Exilim

If you need a rugged camera or rugged phone, there are better options. But if you need a hybrid that can do both fairly well, the Casio Exilim won’t disappoint.

Olympus Tough-8000 camera shines in harsh conditions

The Olympus Stylus Tough-8000 doesn't break new ground, because the 1030SW already did that, but it does push further into the rugged space.

Capturx is useful addition to digital pen world

The Adapx Capturx for Microsoft Office OneNote works simply but effectively to capture handwriting and drawings in a digital format.

GCN Lab Review: Redfly Companion gives your smart phone a bigger screen

Redfly Mobile Companion takes whatever is on your smart phone display and puts it on a bright, readable eight-inch screen.

GCN Lab Review: Das Keyboard Ultimate

It was a joy to type on the Ultimate. As a touch typist since high school, I didn’t have a problem with the unmarked keys, but one of my co-workers found it intimidating.

GCN Lab Review: Saitek Eclipse II illuminated keyboard

Because the lettering on the keys is transparent, the backlight shines through them, which means you can use the keyboard in total darkness.

GCN Lab Review: Anoto penDocuments

The Anoto pen system would be useful if you need to collect a lot of signatures in both ink and digital formats, such as in a government office that processes forms.

GCN Lab Review: Goldtouch ErgoSecure 2.0 keyboard with smart-card reader

The Goldtouch is the only ergonomic keyboard that meets Federal Information Processing Standard 201 specifications for personal identity verification.

GCN Lab Review: Logitech Wave Pro wireless keyboard

Logitech’s Wave Pro wireless keyboard is easy to use, with a gentle touch and a powerful wireless signal.

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