Crowbar cracks SD cards and retrieves data without a trace

If law enforcement or the military needs to hack an MMC/SD card, the Crowbar is a perfect tool. It has a few minor flaws and limited usage, which we feel makes it too pricey in its current form. But within those parameters, it works well.

With Security Blanket 3.0, you won't lose sleep over Web-facing servers

Security Blanket will automatically lock down Web-facing servers that run Red Hat Enterprise Linux, CentOS or Sun Solaris.

Trend Micro Version 6.0 Advanced

The WFBS was designed for offices or agencies that have few or no network administrators or bare-bones IT support. Trend Micro engineered this small, robust piece of software to be almost completely automated.

Symantec Endpoint Protection 11.0

Symantec needs to support more operating systems and make the interface a little easier to use, but Endpoint Protection 11.0 is still an ideal security platform if you need a thick security blanket for a midsize to large enterprise.

Triumfant Resolution Manager

Triumphant earns a Reviewer’s Choice for its ease of use, features and capabilities, such as its ability to scan more than 200,000 attributes on every client and detect and fix changes in minutes.

Security software suites offer more than antivirus protection

Antivirus protection has become the routine part of network security. Each of the five suites tested in this review had no trouble handling any bug the Lab threw at it. But they are a diverse group when it comes to other layers of security.

Red Condor Hosted Service

Red Condor provides a comprehensive system that inspects all incoming and outgoing network traffic for bugs and malware.

Sophos Endpoint Security and Data Protection

Despite the high-sticker price, we found the versatility, compatibility, features and ease of use make Sophos worth the Reviewer’s Choice designation for the best antivirus solution in this roundup for midsize to large networks.

Can Windows 7 resurrect ancient PCs?

Amid rumors of Windows 7's ability to resurrect old PCs, the GCN Lab tested the performance of Microsoft's new operating system on some PCs reclaimed from the junk pile.

TuneUp Utilities 2009 gives you a window on Windows

TuneUp Utilities 2009 offers an easy way to view the inner world of your Windows machine, plus it works as a defragger and disk cleaner.

Hedgehog Enterprise 2.2 provides a comprehensive view of database activity

Hedgehog can monitor activity involving SQL requests of all of your databases, instantly block anything that is explicitly proscribed, and isolate and report on anything that looks suspicious.

GCN Lab Review: BounceBack Ultimate 9.0 provides excellent backup in a friendly interface

With BounceBack Ultimate 9.0, you can boot your system from an external drive via the USB port if your main hard drive dies, and your computer won’t even know the difference.

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