GCN Lab Review: Alpha Five Version 9 Platinum

Nothing with Alpha Five is easy, but it has other databases beat when it comes to advanced features, such as script building and Web application development.

GCN Lab Review: askSam Professional Version 7

Despite its limited capabilities, askSam 7 is still a good piece of software for novice to intermediate users who need to run simple database functions.

GCN Lab Review Reviewer's Choice: FileMaker Pro 10 Advanced

Features such as conditional formatting and e-mail links to hosted databases have helped widen the gap between FileMaker and Microsoft Access on ease-of-use.

GCN Lab Review: Do-it-all databases

The GCN Lab tested five personal database programs, several of which can do just about anything you want to do with your data, as long as you've got the time to learn how.

GCN Lab Review Reviewer's Choice: Microsoft Access 2007

The options are endless, and the learning curve is, too. But with Microsoft Access you get more bang for the buck than with any other program of its kind.

GCN Lab Review: Corel Paradox X4

Corel’s new Paradox X4 has the most features of any database in this review. The hard part is finding them.

Universal Imaging Utility streamlines the task of giving users identical systems

The Universal Imaging Utility can resolve problems before you copy image files from a master system to new clients.

A GIS program for the rest of us

Maptitude 5.0 is surprisingly easy-to-use GIS mapping software for the non-GIS user.

Cruise control for TCP

The FastSoft E 10 can speed all file transfers on a network, but the larger the files being transferred, the more the technology tends to shine.

A tune-up for old computers

The GCN Lab kicks the tires on System Mechanic 8.5 and finds that it can breathe new life into an old system.

Quick View shines light on shadowy files

Quick View Plus 10 from Avantstar opens a window on the files lurking in the dark recesses of your computer.

GigaTribe delivers secure file sharing

GigaTribe lets you share files fast and securely with your trusted tribe of friends, family and colleagues.

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