FileMaker Pro 10

FileMaker Pro 10 also allows up to 999 users to simultaneously connect to its databases, which is four times the number of earlier versions.

GCN Lab Review: Norton Internet Security 2009

GCN Lab Review: Norton Internet Security 2009 is speedier than previous versions and fights malware, viruses and phishing attempts with a broad array of security features.

GCN Lab Review: Corel WordPerfect Office X4

WORDPERFECT OFFICE X4 from Corel has come a long way ' it has loads of extra features and takes compatibility to a high level.

GCN Lab Review: ThinkFree Office 3

ThinkFree Office 3 is designed specifically to emulate Microsoft Office 2003 applications, and the retail price of ThinkFree Office is one of its best features.

GCN Lab: Suite treats

The GCN Lab compares different office suite packages at different price levels.

GCN Lab Review: Microsoft Office Standard 2007

Microsoft Office Standard 2007 is definitely Microsoft's best yet, with smart, accessible interfaces and the powerful functions we have come to expect from the Office suite.

GCN Lab Review: Sun StarOffice 9

StarOffice 9 from Sun Microsystems is a good solid office suite that works well with OpenDocument Format and Microsoft Office 2003 formats alike.

ForceField brings virtualization to the masses

GCN Lab Review: ZoneAlarm ForceField uses virtualization technology to keep your PC safe from malicious code and other monsters that lurk on the Web.

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