Lab Reviews

Panasonic Toughbook 31

Toughbook 31 has the brains to go with the brawn

The GCN Lab kicks the tires on the new Panasonic Toughbook 31 and finds a fully rugged laptop PC with the power of a good desktop.

Diskeeper 2010 Professional

Defragging files without having to do a defrag

The GCN Lab looks at Diskeeper's latest in disk defragmentation technology, which prevents the fragmentation of files by changing how disk space is allocated. One result: Manual defrags will be fewer and further between.

StarTech Display Port

A KVM switch for those switching to DisplayPort monitors and PCs

The StarView KVM switch allows you to connect two computers to the same display via DisplayPort.

Pantel Outdoor Display

Not rain nor snow nor dead of night will stop this LCD

The GCN Lab looks at a 37-inch display that will keep working even in hard, wet outdoor conditions.

5 top security suites for teleworkers

Agencies are requiring robust home security software for the growing number of people working from home. The GCN Lab reviews five antivirus and antispam suites that can handle the job.

First look: Red Hat 6 built for the long haul

We recently had the ability to review the initial Beta of Red Hat 6.0 and found the improvements encouraging, to say the least.

Wireless-N routers ready for prime time

With standards finally in place, the GCN Lab looks at four inexpensive 802.11n wireless routers that are ready to deliver for workgroups of varying sizes.

Putting 802.11n routers to the test

The GCN Lab puts new wireless routers through their paces, checking for speed, distance, and ability to handle multiple users and standards.

Office 2010 sharpens Microsoft's focus on collaboration

The lab takes a look at Office 2010 with an eye to new features useful for the federal government.

Password apps vs. Post-it notes: Showdown in the lab

The GCN Lab tries out four password management applications -- and one old-school method -- to see how well, and how securely, they keep track of all those passwords people have to use.

Portable projectors: 7 for the road

The lab looks at seven portable road warrior projectors, ranging from the very small to the very powerful.


For government users, WordPerfect X5 lives up to its name

WordPerfect Office X5 Standard is a significant improvement over Corel's X4 version, with increased integration with document management systems, expanded file type compatibility and tools to enhance collaboration.


Fortress mesh system lets you set up wireless networks on the fly

The GCN Lab takes the ES210 Tactical Mesh Point with a Librestream Onsight 2000R field camera out for some serious testing.


A printer that speaks the language of better images

The GCN Lab reviews the Phaser 7500DN, a printer that puts complex controls into the hands of the masses.

Building a better mouse (without the trap)

The GCN Lab tests six input devices, including voice apps, a roll-up keyboard, touchpad mouse and a new kind of presentation tool.