Lab Reviews

Appliance improves transfers of large files

The FIPS-certified Accellion file transfer appliance comes with software that lets you manage and transfer files securely, and it can easily handle files 20G in size.

Microsoft Exchange Server 2010

Grading the latest in mail servers

The GCN Lab takes a look inside five mail servers and finds they all have their strengths and weaknesses — and Exchange still rules the roost.

Toshiba's Mini is the class of the netbook field

Toshiba's Mini NB205-N210 has a well-designed interface and the best performance, lowest price and longest battery life -- by far -- in the roundup. No wonder it gets the Review's Choice designation.

Arabic language app walks the talk

Downloadable from the Apple App Store, this Arabic-speaking companion is a mobile friend for people who want to learn the language.

Toshiba Mini NB205 N210 netbook

Netbooks prove worthy of a second look

The Lab tests six new netbooks and finds that they have come a long way, with performance and features that exceed netbooks' early reputation. Although all performed well, there is one clear winner.

IdeaPad ideal netbook for budget conscious

The Lenovo IdeaPad S10-2 is a good, general-use netbook that comes at a great price. It would do well in an environment where money is an issue and every ounce of weight matters.

HP Mini but mighty netbook

The HP Mini 5101 has an expansive keyboard and enhanced communications features and would be best suited in an environment with gigabit network connections and/or wireless-N capabilities.

Sony Vaio netbook a multimedia power

The Sony Vaio W-series is expensive at $500, but it would do well for users who deal with multimedia on a variety of devices with different types of storage.

Fujitsu netbook designed to shine

Fujitsu's M2010 mini-notebook is a nicely apportioned netbook designed for multimedia use. Its bright screen and impressively loud speakers definitely contribute to that.

Dell Latitude: A Netbook on the go

The Dell Latitude 2100, priced at $473 as configured for this review, is designed for the classroom and would do well in any educational setting.

Panasonic Toughbook 30

Even though the Toughbook 30 is a bit of an anchor, it’s the most rugged laptop in this roundup, suffering not a scratch in all our testing. If you absolutely, positively have to make sure your data and apps survive, the Toughbook 30 is the way to go.

Motorola Adventure v750

The Adventure looks like many other flip-top phones, but it meets 810G specs for shock, dust, vibration, solar radiation, temperature and altitude.

Olympus Tough 8000

We were highly impressed with the picture quality of the 10-megapixel unit and ruggedness of it. Even with a 2.7-inch LCD screen, the Tough-8000 wasn't damaged at any height dropped from within military specifications.

Parvus DuraCOR 810

The DuraCOR 810 is a little expensive, but if you need to drop a computer into your military or aerospace vehicle, you are probably more concerned with mission survivability than cost. And the DuraCOR 810 survived everything we threw at it.

8 rugged devices that are ready for field duty

The GCN Lab tests eight rugged devices ― from phones and cameras to laptop PCs and vehicle-mounted computers ― that are fit for military and other tough assignments.