Lab Reviews

WD ShareSpace

The WD ShareSpace isn't the fastest NAS appliance in the review, but it comes at a good price and could be sufficient for some environments.

LaCie 5big Network

Even with lackluster performance, the $1,060 price for the LaCie 5big Network 301355U is pretty good for a five-bay appliance. And if you want easy setup or eSATA ports, this could be the one for you.

Buffalo TeraStation III

The TeraStation III returned the fastest transfer rates in our performance tests in both directions, but we thought its price was a little high.

Sans Digital EliteNAS

Sans Digital's EliteNAS EN104L+BXE is a 1U rackmount appliance with powerful disk manipulation options and more ports than other appliances in this roundup. But it does requires a bit of skill to set up.

Gaining Virtual V-locity

The V-locity software package can fix a few inherent problems with virtualization, like cluttered disks and ever-expanding space needs.

A breakdown on common RAID configurations

A primer on common RAID configurations and their advantages and disadvantages for storage.

NAS appliances cover the middle ground of extra storage

The GCN Lab tests four 4T — and one 5T — NAS systems that are capable of a variety of RAID configurations.

Seagate BlackArmor NAS 440

The BlackArmor NAS 440 is a secure, four-drive NAS that you can quickly and easily set up. In file transfer tests, its download rates were in the middle of a tight pack, but it fell a bit behind on upload speeds.

With Security Blanket 3.0, you won't lose sleep over Web-facing servers

Security Blanket will automatically lock down Web-facing servers that run Red Hat Enterprise Linux, CentOS or Sun Solaris.

Olympus Tough-8000 camera shines in harsh conditions

The Olympus Stylus Tough-8000 doesn't break new ground, because the 1030SW already did that, but it does push further into the rugged space.

Crowbar cracks SD cards and retrieves data without a trace

If law enforcement or the military needs to hack an MMC/SD card, the Crowbar is a perfect tool. It has a few minor flaws and limited usage, which we feel makes it too pricey in its current form. But within those parameters, it works well.

Capturx is useful addition to digital pen world

The Adapx Capturx for Microsoft Office OneNote works simply but effectively to capture handwriting and drawings in a digital format.

Triumfant Resolution Manager

Triumphant earns a Reviewer’s Choice for its ease of use, features and capabilities, such as its ability to scan more than 200,000 attributes on every client and detect and fix changes in minutes.

Security software suites offer more than antivirus protection

Antivirus protection has become the routine part of network security. Each of the five suites tested in this review had no trouble handling any bug the Lab threw at it. But they are a diverse group when it comes to other layers of security.

Red Condor Hosted Service

Red Condor provides a comprehensive system that inspects all incoming and outgoing network traffic for bugs and malware.