Lab Reviews

GCN Lab Review: Logitech Wave Pro wireless keyboard

Logitech’s Wave Pro wireless keyboard is easy to use, with a gentle touch and a powerful wireless signal.

GCN Lab Review: Anoto penDocuments

The Anoto pen system would be useful if you need to collect a lot of signatures in both ink and digital formats, such as in a government office that processes forms.

GCN Lab Review: Das Keyboard Ultimate

It was a joy to type on the Ultimate. As a touch typist since high school, I didn’t have a problem with the unmarked keys, but one of my co-workers found it intimidating.

GCN Lab Review: Smart Board interactive display frame

It’s an interactive frame that fits over any 42-inch to 65-inch display monitor. You can write on it using a finger, keyboard or electronic pencil — with eraser.

Innovative peripherals broaden the definition of input devices

The GCN Lab looks at the spectrum of input devices, from the not-so-lowly mouse to some high-end touch-screens.

GCN Lab Review: NZXT Avatar gaming mouse

Although the Avatar was designed with gamers in mind, government users who require precision handling on their mice will find it extremely useful.

Universal Imaging Utility streamlines the task of giving users identical systems

The Universal Imaging Utility can resolve problems before you copy image files from a master system to new clients.

SmartPro UPS is made for shallow spaces

The SmartPro Shallow-Depth Rackmount UPS System performs as well as you would expect from a 2200VA UPS, but has a slightly different form factor to help it fit better into some shallow server racks.

BlueCat Proteus 5000 keeps IP addresses in order

GCN LAB REVIEW: The Proteus 5000 gives administrators a clear look at all of a network's IP addresses, and a lot of flexibility in managing them.

A GIS program for the rest of us

Maptitude 5.0 is surprisingly easy-to-use GIS mapping software for the non-GIS user.

GCN LAB REVIEW: Lenovo ThinkCentre M58p

Although not the best in some categories, the ThinkCentre M58p would do well at almost any office task, and its extra security is a plus.

GCN LAB REVIEW: Dell Optiplex 960

The Dell Optiplex 960 high-performance PC would be good for any use, provided that upgrades are a long way down the road.

GCN LAB REVIEW: Ace Vision 6Gt

The Ace Vision 6Gt PC would do well for an administrator who doesn’t want to pay a lot for performance and has a good deal of components to add.

Last of the red-hot dual cores

Quad technology waits in the wings, but dual-core systems still have a lot to offer. The GCN Lab tested six dual-core desktop PCs whose power and price can make them attractive to government offices.

GCN LAB REVIEW: HP Compaq dc7900

The HP Compaq dc7900 is a small PC that would be a good choice for an office where desktop space is a consideration — and, really, who couldn’t use a bit more room?