Lab Reviews

Kanguru Defender

A secure key drive you can operate from the cloud

The Defender 2000 from Kanguru uses both in-device and cloud-based resources to keep data safe.


LinkRunner hunts down network setup snafus

The LinkRunner AT 2000 Network Auto-Tester from Fluke Networks isolates potential network setup and change problems.

Invincea Enterprise Edition Browser

Make your browser invincible

The Invincea Browser can record malware activity while operating from a safe, virtual environment.

InterCall Unified Meeting System

When telecommuting is more than just a phone call

InterCall Unified Meeting helps you host, control and manage a conference call effectively.

Private Eye keeps prying eyes off your screen

The $20 software, developed in the CIA's In-Q-Tel program, blurs the screen to any but authorized users.

9 top tablets graded for government

The GCN Lab has put the latest tablet computers through their paces to test how suitable and secure they are for government workers.

ViewSonic PHD5523

This projector brings high-def video to life

The ViewSonic PJD5523w makes use of its HDMI port to bring cutting-edge graphics and sounds from source to screen.


Tool can stop texting while driving in its tracks

Cellcontrol plugs into a user's vehicle and shuts its assigned phone off if the vehicle is moving, making it easy to enforce mobile policies.

Smart phone all wet? Resurrection is in the bag.

It's not magic, but the science inside the Bheestie bag can bring submerged electronics back from their watery graves.

Wolfram Alpha Pro

Wolfram Alpha Pro runs rings around today's search engines

More concierge than search engine, Wolfram Alpha Pro will analyze a query, perform high-end math calculations and even analyze images.


NEC's mega LCD a video virtuoso from wall to wall

The NEC X551S is a 55-inch, high-fidelity display that can be chained together with others to create a massive wall of light.


Make your passwords hard to crack, easy to use

RoboForm relieves users of the need to keep track of all of their passwords while keeping them securely stored in one place.

TuneUp Utilities Business Edition Version 2012

TuneUp keeps the wheels of enterprise turning, at home or office

TuneUp Utilities Business Edition Version 2012 is ideal for telecommuters who need to maintain their systems but don't have an administrator to call in for backup.


Stop agency data leakage in its tracks

PowerBroker Desktops checks for policy violations in each outgoing e-mail and prevents unwarranted data from leaving a single computer.

Tripp Lite KVM

This KVM will die before giving up your secrets

The Tripp Lite B002-DUA4 is a highly secure keyboard, video, mouse switch that will fit in with any security plan.

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