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Sharp PG-F255W

GCN LAB REVIEW: If you want to hook up your projector to a high-end desktop PC using a DVI cable to maximize the display properties, the PG-F255W is the only game in town.

Quick View shines light on shadowy files

Quick View Plus 10 from Avantstar opens a window on the files lurking in the dark recesses of your computer.

SMCWEB-N EZ Connect N Pro

The SMCWEB-N EZ Connect N Pro could be what you need if you want a quick and easy wireless implementation and still have other 10/100 bottlenecks in your network.

802.11n access points get up-to-speed

The 802.11n wireless access points differed in performance and features, but all of them were easy to set up and came with the latest security features.

Netgear ProSafe WNDAP330 Wireless Access Point

Despite its high price, the Netgear ProSafe WNDAP330 could be the AP you need if you want a more secure administration interface, which may be a requirement in some organizations.

Belkin N+ Wireless Router

The Belkin N+ Wireless Router would do well in almost any situation. But in more secure environments, you might want to make sure other security features are in place.

Criteria for testing 802.11n Draft-N access points

The VeriWave tests were invaluable in pointing out an access point's flaws and quirks, and the real-world file-transfer tests indicated how it would perform in an office environment.

Buffalo Nfiniti Wireless-N Router

The AirStation Nfiniti Wireless-N Router and Access Point is good for any network that still has at least one existing 100 megabits/sec bottleneck.

D-Link AirPremier N DAP-2590

If shelf space is at a premium and you have wireless devices that need bridging, the D-Link AirPremier N Access Point might be the AP you need.

GigaTribe delivers secure file sharing

GigaTribe lets you share files fast and securely with your trusted tribe of friends, family and colleagues.

Windows 7 is a step in the right direction

The beta version of Windows 7 has attractive interface features, faster performance than Vista and security elements that will appeal to feds, such as the ability to require encryption on all key drives that connect to the network.

Adobe's big production

With Creative Suite 4, Adobe delivers best-of-class products in nearly every niche of digital document, Web, image and sound production.

Up to the job

With accurate colors, consistent brightness and a reasonable price, the 20-inch AL2016WBsd from Acer is well suited to nearly any office environment.

Diskeeper 2009 can breathe new life into old PCs

Diskeeper 2009 can defragment even seasoned, mature hard drives and give them a new lease on life.

Corel VideoStudio Pro X2

If you are new to video editing but need to use advanced editing features, Corel’s VideoStudio Pro X2 is the best program available.

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