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Identity Finder DLP Endpoint

Find yourself in your data — before anyone else can

Identity Finder DLP Endpoint searches your computer for sensitive information — and provides options for protecting it.

Falcon UPS

Where will you be when the lights go out?

The Product of the Month for August is the SSGKRP-1 Uninterrupted Power Supply from Falcon Electric, a UPS with brains and brawn.

AirCheck WiFi Tester

Wireless access-point tracker cures headaches for network admins

The AirCheck Wi-Fi Tester from Fluke Networks will locate all your access points and help solve user support and security snafus.

Dell Latitude

Latest Dell Latitudes add sexiness to sensibility and performance

The Dell Latitude E6420 is packed with everything that system hungry programs demand.

FOSE 2011: These products could steal the show

From the new BlackBerry PlayBook to the rugged Algiz XRW handled, here is a sampler of technology that is fit for feds at the FOSE 2011 show.

Double the power source, reliability with automatic transfer switch

The Structured Solutions uATS Micro Automatic Transfer Switch is the GCN Lab's pick for the July product of the month.

Motion Tablet

The little tablet that could

The Motion F5v Tablet PC is perfect for medical-type uses, and it could probably find a home in places where the environment is less than ideal.

A bare-bones approach to rugged

Xplore Technologies' iX104C5 DMSR-MIL tablet strips out a lot of extra weight found in other rugged tablet models, but perhaps a bit too much.

Supermicro SuperServer

A monster performer that won't overheat

The Supermicro SuperServer X9 would do well as a dedicated web server in any agency, especially if a few extra drives were available to enhance its usability.

HP z210 Workstation

HP delivers a powerful workstation at the right price

HP's Z210 CMT fills the bill for users who need a little extra performance.

Lenovo ThinkCentre M91p

ThinkCentre desktop comes in a nice little package

The ThinkCentre M91p is an inexpensive, ultra-slim desktop computer that is quick to hook up but still strong enough to get the job done.

Dell Voestro 330

Dell's Vostro 330 has the right touch

The Dell Vostro combines a sensitive touch screen with a fairly robust back-end computer.

8 top tablets for the discriminating fed

Agencies should consider five criteria when buying a tablet. Here is how eight popular models, including the Apple iPad, BlackBerry PlayBook, HP TouchPad and Motion J3500, match up.

BlueCat Proteus

BlueCat takes a swipe at IP address confusion

BlueCat Proteus can help an overburdened network administrator in nearly any environment get a handle on IP address management.

Dot Hill Assured SAN 3430 RAID

A storage system with plenty of capacity and compatibilty

Among the major strengths of the AssuredSAN are is its scalability, power-saving features and its price, considering it includes 12 SAS hard drives.

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