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M86 network device stops enemies at the gate

With the M86 Secure Web Gateway v10.0 in place, government networks are locked down tight.

Getac B300

Rugged Getac laptop takes on the Lab's Thunderdome

The Getac B300 has a surprising number of features not found in all rugged laptops these days, such as lots of external ports and a fully functional DVD drive.


WinMagic SecureDoc locks down your laptops

WinMagic's encryption software is easy to use and extraordinarily powerful -- making it well suited to protecting a large agency that has plenty of mobile employees.

A cool way to keep a laptop from breaking a sweat

The HeatShift Laptop Cooler from ThermaPAK uses a novel method to keep your laptop PC from overheating.

Lenovo Mini Keyboard

Lenovo remote keyboard goes the distance

The Lenovo Multimedia Remote with Keyboard is perfect for PowerPoint warriors and those on the go who still want full keyboard and mouse functionality.

Wilson Sleek Signal Booster

On the range and out of range? This device can boost cellular signals.

The Wilson Sleek boosts cellular signals to make it easier to stay connected outside of metropolitan areas.


Skyfire adds Flash content to iPhones, iPads. How well does it work?

With the Skyfire app, Flash content is converted in the cloud into HTML 5, which lets users view some, though not all, videos on iPhones and iPads.

Droid X

Droid X clicks with its virtual keyboard

The Droid X could break users of the need for a physical keyboard, and has a lot of other innovative features to boot.

Audio file: A rich sound from inexpensive, analog speakers

Analog speakers can still rock — the wood-framed Genius speakers go head-to-head with expensive, high-end models.

The top 10 products of 2010

The GCN Lab picks the best of the best from the products it reviewed this year. Any of these superstar products will serve well in the office, and do it better than other products in its class.


AutoCAD 'light' makes design program easier to use

Although it still requires some training, the AutoCAD LT 2011 makes it comparatively easy to design a large project, such as a new office, in a professional way.

Log Rhythm Screen

LogRhythm makes quick work of digging through system logs

This log maintenance appliance from LogRhythm can save network administrators hours of going through system logs.


Tiny gets semi-tough in Samsung netbook

The NB30 might not be Mil-Spec rugged, but it takes toughness among netbooks to a new level.

WordPerfect X5 makes everything easy for the user

WordPerfect Office X5 is focusing on how interoperability with the Web can improve workflow.

Lotus Notes improves with office-suite capabilities

While it's not a full office suite, the new features and clean interface of Lotus 8.5 merit some recognition.

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