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Motorola Razr

Motorola debuts cutting edge RAZR smart phone

The Droid RAZR by Motorola proves that thin does not have to mean flimsy.

Acer Iconia Tab A501

Acer's tablet is fast-acting -- and long-lasting

The small form factor of Acer's Iconia Tab A501 belies its widescreen multi-touch display, and its weight would have you underestimate what's packed inside.

Why Androids are less secure than iPhones

It's not the phones, it's the apps: Android's popularity and lax security controls make it the most popular target for malware, according to McAfee Labs.

BART: 'Extraordinary circumstances' only for disrupting cell phones

The policy, adopted the wake of last summer's protests during which cell phone service was shut off, is not likely to quell criticism. The FCC says it will review the matter.

Applications for new top-level domains open next month

The land rush for new .anything top-level domains is expected to begin next month, but the price of admission will be steep.

Tools could put iPhones, Androids on government networks

Two-factor authentication and an environment for developing secure mobile apps could open the door for iPhones, iPads and Android devices, Good Technology and ActivIdentity say.

Bring your smart phone to work; leave your data in Somalia

Two recent decisions don't seem connected, but both will affect the way agencies ultimately choose to move to cloud computing while supporting new mobile devices.

Baltimore opens its 311 system with Open311

The Open 311 Application Programming Interface allows third parties to develop apps that integrate with cities' 311 non-emergency service systems.

Lenovo tablet

Government, consumers hanging out at Lenovo's pad

The IdeaPad Tablet K1 from Lenovo is a newer tablet whose performance deserves a closer look from government users.

BlackBerry's new enterprise system supports iPhones, Androids

The new BlackBerry Mobile Fusion enterprise mobility application allows organizations to manage multiple devices per user, including Android and Apple platforms.

IsatPhone Pro

Dead zones don't stop this phone

The Inmarsat IsatPhone Pro satellite phone can help you make calls from anywhere in the world.

AT&T phone hacks in Philippines linked to terrorist group

Law enforcement officials in the Philippines have uncovered a potential link between phone hacking and terrorism with the arrest of four people last week.

Fast science: DOE turns on its 100-gigabit data network

The department inaugurates its new science network connecting its national laboratories and international affiliate labs to allow real-time analysis and experimentation.

Flashy House Republicans' WhipCast app has serious legislative tone

House Republican Whip Kevin McCarthy apparently took some tips from Hollywood in debuting the new GOP WhipCast mobile application, but the information it provides is anything but yesterday's news.

App developers are hot for Kindle Fire

Amazon's media tablet had become the favorite Android device among developers even before its release, while Windows Phone 7 pulled away from BlackBerry.

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