Mobile Wireless

Are mobile devices already making PIV cards obsolete?

Requirements for using Personal Identity Verification credentials for logical access to networks appear to be forgotten in the adoption of mobile devices in the enterprise.

Navy devising battle plan for satellite attacks

The U.S. Navy is considering how it will handle future operations where it might have little or no satellite communications or navigation, something that may be standard as cyber warfare continues to escalate.

Net neutrality rules survive Senate vote

The Senate voted down a resolution to nullify FCC net neutrality rules, which will go into effect Nov. 20. The president earlier had indicated he would veto the resolution had it passed.

FCC program to offer discounted broadband, PCs for low-income families

ISPs and equipment providers join the effort to close the nation's digital divide by cutting the cost of getting online.

Adobe abandoning Flash for mobile, vindicating Steve Jobs

The company says it will end development of Flash for mobile browsers, concentrating on Adobe AIR and HTML5; Jobs had objected to Flash and predicted HTML5 would win.

Don't panic: Nationwide test of emergency alert system set for Nov. 9

The first nationwide test of the Emergency Alert System, set for Nov. 9, will see how the country handles sensory deprivation, even if for a little while.

The 11 best products of 2011

The GCN Lab picks the top 10 IT products of the year, plus one overall winner.

Legislation could open cell phones to robocalls

A bill to bring the 20-year-old Telephone Consumer Protection Act up to date by treating cell phones more like wireline phones could be either a boon or a bane for customers, witnesses tell a House panel.

Army seeks mobile management systems to run its wireless network

The Army has asked for input from commercial vendors about how to administer and manage its nascent mobile network.

Smart-phone app will make paying to park a breeze

Seattle residents who forget to carry spare change will soon have a high-tech option for paying for metered parking spaces.

Cloud offers feds access to police data

The Fish and Wildlife Service has led the way in testing a commercial infrastructure that gives federal officers the same access to law enforcement databases that state and local police have had for years.

Broadband nonprofit shines light on Rust Belt economy

A $45 million federal recovery grant is helping the OneCommunity development program build out a 1,800-mile high speed regional network for Northeast Ohio being used by area governments, educational institutions and health care providers.

DISA approves first Android device for DOD use

Agency approves the Streak 5 mini-tablet for use by Defense Department personnel, opening the way for other Android platforms in government.

Secure modems help city remotely manage 911 system

The Fairfax, Va.'s police department's 4G LTE modems allowed dispatchers to remotely run the city's 911 system without shutting it down during an upgrade.

Navy enables on-base WiFi access for Reserve personnel

With CAC readers already available to Navy Reserve personnel, providing WiFi access to the NMCI on base is a logical and cost-effective solution for accommodating online demand.

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