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'Google for police' goes mobile

Law enforcement officials on patrol will now have mobile access to what has been called a "Google for police officers" thanks to an app developed by a subsidiary of IBM.

Sencha releases first HTML 5 cloud for mobile app developers

The beta version of for mobile app developers makes it easier to build applications that deliver shared experiences.

VA plans mobile security strategy to manage 100,000 new tablets

The Veterans Affairs Department has concluded that a mobile device management solution will overcome any security hurdles that might arise from its move to tablets and smart phones.

DOD deputy CIO outlines challenges: Handling threats, new tech with shrinking budgets

Defense Department Deputy CIO Robert Carey discussed the steps the department is taking to protect its networks, add new tech and manage operations in a shrinking budget environment.

NJ Transit riders can pay with Google Wallet

Technology is making getting from place to place easier in New Jersey, as the state's public transit system now allows riders to pay using Google Wallet.

Stop me before I text and drive again!

Practically everyone agrees with laws against texting while driving, but many of them do it anyway, a new AAA survey finds.

Why smart phones are targets: Popularity is up, security is down

More people are adopting tablets and smart phones, which don't get the same level of security attention as PCs, Georgia Tech researchers say.

Are BlackBerry faithful losing their religion?

RIM is offering free apps and tech support to make up for last week's outage, but some users are already heading for the door.

Establishing comms for Army brigade was a team effort

A tiger team made up of personnel from the Communications Automated Information System Interface network met the urgent communications needs of the 401st Army Field Support Brigade.

Brig. Gen. Michael Williamson

Are new communications technologies battlefield ready?

Brig. Gen. Michael Williamson, joint program executive officer for the Joint Tactical Radio System, discusses the latest developments and challenges for the JTRS radios and waveforms.

In Afghanistan, satellite capacity provides a lifeline

An Army satcom team worked feverishly to supply extra satellite capacity for logistics troops whose bandwidth had been squeezed by the 2010 troop surge in Afghanistan.

Army looks to troops for smart-phone tech advice

In a departure from the military's use-it-and-like-it mindset, the Defense Department is studying the human factors involved in outfitting warfighters with smart phones.

New Urban Mechanics: Apps in the pipeline

Citizen Connect is one of the projects in a larger effort to work with civic entrepreneurs and explore new technologies to address urban issues.

Secure Android kernel could make for 'classified' smart phones

A public/private research team develops a hardened kernel for Android 3.0, which could lead to widespread use of smart phones in military and emergency operations.

All-in: VA sets date to shut down IPv4

As the Veterans Affairs Department completes the transition to the next generation of Internet Protocols, it plans to finish the job by turning off IPv4.

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