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Amazon unveils Kindle Fire tablet with unique Silk browser

The Fire's new features include a "split browser," called Silk, which resides both on the device and in Amazon's cloud.

True Blue Crime Fighting App

Slick iPad app helps detectives become super sleuths

The Accurint Mobile for Law Enforcement tool from LexisNexis resides on an Apple iPad and can act as a force multiplier for local detectives or federal investigators.

FCC's controversial Net Neutrality rules take effect Nov. 20

The rules, opposed by industry groups, seek to ensure that providers don't discriminate against competitors.

Broadband gap tied to income, study finds

A Connected Nation report says up to 17 million children don't have home broadband access.

FCC aims to add text, images, video to 911 services

Move to IP-based services would keep up with how people communicate, and could be cheaper than maintaining the current system.

Which OS will users choose for their next smart phone?

Sixty-three percent of smart phone owners said they're next phone would likely be an Android. And although 44 percent said they'd consider Windows Phone 7, just as many said they'd never heard of it.

Personal mobile devices give agencies an IT headache

Employees are using their own mobile devices, and agency IT shops are suffering from the strain.

Windows 8 will have to play catch-up in tablet market

Google's Android and Apple's iOS will be the dominant tablet operating systems in the market through 2015, with Microsoft's Windows 8 OS trailing at a distant third, according to the latest Gartner projections.

Patent pending: New law could help or hurt IT innovators

Proponents say it will lower costs by reducing litigation. Opponents say it puts small organizations and individuals at a disadvantage and won't stop patent trolls.

Clarke: Outdated cyber defense leaves US open to attack

Former presidential adviser Richard Clarke says cybersecurity has been static in both the public and private sectors and that "if someone wants to get into your network, they can get in."

Fill 'er up: NASA project would beam power to spacecraft

The project, dubbed “Ride the Light,” aims to develop inexpensive, modular power beaming to provide on-demand power for aerospace craft and other applications.

In emergency, university students can send video to dispatchers

Campus safety got a boost this week at the University of Maryland with the introduction of a new smart-phone app that allows instantaneous communication with campus police.

PCs, websites top list of ways public talks to agencies

In a new survey by IDC Government Insights, the public chose computers and websites as their preferred mode of interaction with federal agencies, though that will likely change as mobile communications grow.

Army moves to expand ground signals intell system

The Army's intelligence arm is building combat muscle as the service readies to expand the mobile Prophet Enhanced ground signals intelligence system that it says is proving vital through its flexibility and mobility on the battlefield.

Mobile devices will drive global Web use by 2015

Worldwide access to the Internet will hit 40 percent by 2015, with the manner in which it is accessed shifting drastically, particularly in the United States.

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