Mobile Wireless

How knowledge management helps keep the US attack free

The lessons of the 2001 terrorist attacks inspired secretive agencies to open their databases and stretch knowledge management to new levels. The result has been no successful attacks in the United States in 10 years.

Cellcrypt mobile phone

When calls must be private, app creates a cellular cone of silence

The Cellcrypt software will use a data channel instead of the voice network to make a call and encrypt its contents so nobody can snoop.

Groups ask FCC to stop local officials from disrupting mobile service

As part of the fallout from BART officials' efforts to quell a protest in San Francisco, several groups have petitioned the Federal Communications Commission to forbid intentional disruptions of mobile service.

Bandwidth aggregation is no silver bullet for emergency communications

Link aggregation can stretch budgets and improve performance, but it is not a panacea.

VOIP 911: A low-cost way to expand emergency comm

Arizona's Maricopa regional 911 system is using virtual wide-area network technology to help manage the transition to full wireless and Internet-routed emergency voice communications.

The myths and realities of mobile computing

Federal agencies considering mobile applications should be aware of these common myths that could limit their potential, a GSA official said.

Chris Knotts

10 ways telework will change in the next 10 years

Over the next decade, the word "telework" will be as outdated as a rotary phone, writes Force 3's Chris Knotts.

When disaster strikes, it’s up to users to preserve bandwidth

The FCC wants to prioritize 911 calls and the wireless industry wants more spectrum, but when an earthquake, hurricane or other emergency hits, users can help conserve precious bandwidth by using it judiciously.

311 app streamlines service requests in Salt Lake City

The process for submitting service requests for such things as pothole repairs has gotten a lot more streamlined in Salt Lake City thanks to a new citizen reporting app.

FCC seeks probe of post-quake 911 problems

Problems with emergency wireless phone calls to first responders in the aftermath of the 5.8 magnitude earthquake that struck the nation's capital have attracted the attention of the Federal Communications Commission.

How the Navy plans to run a tighter IT ship

CIO says data-center consolidation, trimming of redundant applications, wireless devices and a cloud-based architecture are on the agenda.

RIM to offer PlayBook as control center for police cruisers

Using Mobile Police Assist software, the tablets can access databases, connect with other devices and even be used to operate such things as a cruiser's lights and siren.

North Carolina lawmakers KO municipal broadband

The legislature has passed a law that makes it nearly impossible for cities to offer services.

Army's Global Network Enterprise closer to reality

The Global Network Enterprise, which was developed to improve compatibility within the LandWarNet architecture, is moving from concept to implementation.

Army takes mobile C2 vehicles for test drive

Two modified command and control vehicles are pushing enhanced situational awareness and connectivity to the edge of the battlefield.

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