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How does the East Coast quake stack up?

In some points around the globe, a quake of such intensity is practically business as usual, but on the East Coast, it’s about as likely as a solar eclipse.

Army puts tactical network through its paces

Network Integration Evaluation tests will vet new systems slated to re-equip Army units before redeployment.

Telcos in 16 states to get more than $100M for broadband access

Telecom companies get money to expand broadband Internet access in rural areas.

The most critical element of mobile security: you

The steady growth in malware targeting mobile devices running Android and other OSes puts a premium on the education of users to maintain security, a McAfee researcher says.

DCGS helps Army battle intell information ambush

The latest version of the Distributed Common Ground System-Army deployed to Afghanistan has the notable distinction of being the DOD's first tactical cloud-computing node.

DISA adds-in security to military networks

DISA's program executive office for mission assurance and network operations is managing several of the agency's cybersecurity and network defense programs.

West Virginia expands mobile phone options for state workers

A new mobility management platform will allow West Virginia employees to secure personal data on their state-provided smart phones.

10 apps every Windows IT pro needs

From monitoring SQL Server to remote-access tools to cloud synching to Cisco security, here are 10 mobile apps that any Windows techie with an iPhone or iPad will want.

App helps find Arlington gravesites

Arlington National Cemetery visitors will have an easier time locating the graves of fallen veterans thanks to a new smart-phone app.

DARPA at work on satellite-free navigation system

The DOD's research arm is working on a variety of new systems that would allow troops and weapons to be located even when their navigation systems are being jammed.

In Motorola, Google gets mobility testing lab

The move gives Google the potential to compete better against Apple, which controls software and hardware for all Apple OS devices.

Navy recruits first to enjoy lifetime electronic health care record

With the opening of the Lovell Health Care Center in Chicago, a result of the merger of separate Navy and VA hospital facilities, Navy recruits will have one lifetime electronic health record.

Anonymous strikes San Francisco's BART after cell shutdown fiasco

The transportation system is under attack after officials shut down mobile phone service last week to disrupt a protest.

A model for Next Gen 911: Facebook

The FCC's new 911 will add video and text capability, but when? There's one example to follow.

Need help? Just text '911.'

Placing a 911 call for help during an emergency would be as simple as sending a text message under a plan unveiled Aug. 10 by the Federal Communications Commission.

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