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P25 radios vulnerable to eavesdropping, can be jammed by child's toy

Researchers say weaknesses in interoperability standards for radios used by law enforcement leave the systems open to eavesdropping and jamming, even from a GirlTech IM-Me texting toy.

FBI's first mobile app aids in missing child ID

Is there something missing from the FBI's new Child ID mobile app for missing children? Some parents think so.

Is your choice of smart phone political?

A study seems to show that red and blue states prefer different mobile platforms.

Windows Phones sink, iPhones and Androids swim with Coast Guard

The service plans to gradually replace all its Windows Phones with iPhones and Android-based devices that run provisioning software so that users can access work and personal apps.

NYC police unit to track criminals via Facebook, Twitter

The city forms a new unit to track social media sites, where criminals have been known to announce crimes or brag about them afterward.

RIM, BlackBerry app caught in middle of London riots

BlackBerry Messenger has been the communications channel of choice for those organizing the London riots; now RIM could turn over logs to police, and a hacker group threatens retaliation.

Google, Microsoft exchange blows in Android dispute

Two Microsoft executives say Google was invited to join patent purchases, but Google says that was just a legal ploy.

Mobile security 'dicey' but doable

Creating secure applications for mobile devices is possible, but the differences between network and mobile security make it tough, experts say.

Homemade drone can snoop nearly anywhere

Two researchers introduced their WASP drone at the Black Hat security conference, and its potential for malfeasance is clear.

10 agency projects win 2011 GCN Awards

The winning project teams, selected from more than 200 nominated, combined leadership and technical innovation with a determination to improve services and cut costs.

Net neutrality tool could help spot ISP cheaters

Security researcher Dan Kaminsky's Neutrality Router, unveiled at Black Hat, would detect when a service provider is interfering with traffic.

Android app test demonstrates dangers for mobile devices

The examination of 10,000 applications reveals signs of potential trouble and suggests ways to protect smart phones.

Patent wars: Google says Microsoft, Apple ganging up on Android

Google says those companies and others have banded together to buy up thousands of patents that could be used for legal attacks against its mobile operating system.

ICE to get comms help from new vehicle

The Immigration and Customs Enforcement Agency is expanding its technological reach with the help of a mobile communications vehicle.

3 of 10 Android users now face malware attack

Three out of every 10 Android users face hacking attempts annually, more than doubling users' risks from just six months ago, says Lookout Mobile Security.

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