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IPv6 roadmap tweaked to help agencies over finish line

The Federal CIO Council, together with ACT-IAC, has updated its IPv6 roadmap to help agencies meet looming deadlines for new Internet Protocols.

NYC adds free WiFi to pay phones, making them useful again

The pilot program expands the city's public wireless access, with costs being covered by the pay phone providers.

Don’t get raided by a SWAT team; secure your wireless hub

There are risks to setting up an unsecured wireless hub, apparently including police attacking your home.

Domestic drones can be hijacked, turned into weapons, researchers show

A research team shows DHS and FAA how spoofing unencrypted GPS signals lets them take over drones in flight, potentially turning them into weapons.

Following the 'kill chain' to fend off cyberattacks

Lockheed Martin's approach is to identify the steps a hacker would need to take to gain access and then prepare for each of them.

Lockheed's Gooden: Federal IT efforts doing well despite tight budgets

A focus on streamlining systems and delivering constituent services can help agency initiatives succeed in rocky times, a company executive says.

Mobile security: The old ways don't cut it

Many organizations mistakenly think that traditional IT infrastructures can support mobile security, experts say.

AT&T launches mobile interpreting service for government

A new interpreting service lets government users access translators in 170 languages around the clock from their mobile devices.

FCC inundated with mobile-device approval requests

The commission has had to increase the pool of ID codes for devices, from cell phones to security tags, and is considering new ways to approve them.

Obama aims to boost broadband deployment, app development

A two-pronged initiative aims to accelerate development and deployment of ultra-fast networks and the applications to use them.

NIST issues guide to fixing the holes in Bluetooth

The updated special publication offers guidance on countering threats to devices using Bluetooth, some versions of which provide only limited security.

ICANN kicks off Internet's largest expansion in history

The publication of more than 2,000 potential new generic top-level domains begins a new era for the Internet.

And the Intelligent City of the Year is…

Riverside was honored for its project to build a fiber network throughout the city.

NASA: Moving to mobile is win-win

Agency's CTO says mobile devices can allow for better productivity, increased data sharing with the public, support for BYOD, and even crowdsourcing app development.

How BlackBerry holds onto government users

Despite growing competition from Android and Apple, RIM says its security, support for BYOD policies and cross-platform management services appeal to agencies.

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