Mobile Wireless

Partnership develops encryption for federal mobile devices

Verizon and Cellcrypt will offer voice encryption for smart phones and tablets running the Android, BlackBerry and iOS operating systems.

DHS R&D program has a disconnect with first responders' needs, House panel told

The department has a program to help develop technology for first responders, but matching the money with state and local agencies' requirements has proved difficult.

FCC's 5-step plan for deploying Next-Gen 911

The Federal Communications Commission's road map for the transition to a new generation of 911 services starts with location accuracy.

911 services face an emergency of their own

People are moving quickly to mobile devices and relying on text and video rather than voice. Can Next-Gen 911 catch up?

High-speed wireless via...laser pointers?

Researchers in Taiwan use tricked-out laser pointers to get 500 megabits/sec. data feeds in places where radio transmissions dare not go.

Mobile privacy risks: Who should alert end users?

Both industry and government are concerned about the potential for many mobile applications to share data with third parties without user consent.

Targeted attacks, mobile vulnerabilities on the rise, report states

Criminals continue to exploit old vulnerabilities as enterprises, and users fail to keep up with the flood of security updates, the latest Symantec report states.

Gigabit WiFi speeds on the way, but beware the draft

The race to produce super-fast 802.11ac wireless routers ahead of IEEE's final approval could create some confusion.

Liquid metal rock

Will the iPhone 5 be made of Terminator-like liquid metal?

The next iPhone reportedly will be made of Liquidmetal, a material that might not do everything the T-1000 could but is still like nothing you've ever seen.

Air Force wants unhackable comm, like in 'Mass Effect 3'

Researchers funded by the Air Force are exploring using "quantum memories" to secure long-range communications. Where have we seen that before?

National mobile alert system goes live; now phones have to catch up

CMAS can send text-based emergency alerts to all mobile phones in a targeted area, though many phones aren't yet equipped to receive them.

Feds still lag on telework, but is it the calm before the storm?

A new survey by the Telework Exchange shows that only 21 percent of feds regularly telework, and most of them are paying their own way.

Open doors with phones, and 4 other predictions for federal mobile access

CAC and PIV cards will move to smart phones in 2012, creating a new model for access control, according to observers' predictions.

iPad is the new search warrant

Butte County, Calif., says it's the first county in the state to let judges use digital signatures to issue search warrants via their iPads.

DISA to roll out defense-wide mobility plan

DISA is gearing up to launch a DOD-wide mobility strategy that will include setting up an enterprise app store and establishing standards for software developers.

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