Mobile Wireless

The possibilities -- and limits -- of smart phones and tablets

Panelists at FOSE talk about what mobile devices can do for government, beyond the obvious. But don't throw your laptop away just yet.

Organizations in dark as employees party on with BYOD

A SANS Institute study found that only 9 percent of organizations are "fully aware" of the personal mobile devices accessing their networks.

FAA says iPad pilot program is paying off

The FAA is confident that its mobile device program, which could also include Android and BlackBerry devices, will soon become standard practice.

Warrantless cell-phone tracking widespread, study finds

U.S. police routinely track cell phones in their investigations, but only a tiny minority obtain warrants to do so, according to an ACLU investigation.

Marines want smart phone for classified, commercial systems

The Marine Corps is looking for a new generation of secure mobile devices that can work in both classified government domains and the commercial marketplace.

Android to surpass Windows as top OS by 2016, report says

PCs aren't going away, but IDC projects they'll be overshadowed by the growth of smart phones and tablets, a trend that's also creeping into government enterprises.

Smart phones for multiple networks? FCC mulls changes.

The commission is considering rule changes that would make smart phones and tablets interoperable with different networks.

VA sets three-pronged approach to improving services

VA is continuing to modernize its IT infrastructure to provide improved customer service in the form of electronic health records, telemedicine and online apps.

See something, tag something: Crime-reporting app uses images, GPS

West Virginia has released a smart-phone app that lets users take pictures of suspicious activity, add a GPS tag and text, and send it to the state's fusion center anonymously.

5 reasons you'll have a personal cloud by 2014

With the spread of mobile devices and apps, the personal cloud will replace the personal computer at the center of users' digital lives, according to a report from Gartner.

Nervous when out of cell range? You may have nomophobia.

As if we didn't have enough to be afraid of, now there's nomophobia – the fear of being out of cell phone contact.

New Apple tool helps configure, manage iPhones and iPads

The Apple Configurator is designed to help organizations manage large deployments.

3 big differences with Apple's new iPad

It's not called the "iPad 3," but it features some significant upgrades under the hood and on the screen.

ATF to drop BlackBerrys and switch to iPhones

The agency joins the march away from RIM products, which were once ubiquitous in government.

CIA wants big data, petascale computing to speed info analysis

The agency is looking at new information processing and networking technologies to dramatically reduce the time it takes to analyze data.

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