Mobile Wireless

FCC shoots down LightSquared's plans for satellite network

Ruling comes after NTIA report concludes there is "no practical way" to solve the problem of GPS interference at the moment.

Police test secure, interoperable app for smart phones

A software-based communications system allows first responders tcommunicate securely with each other and federal, state and local crews.

NOAA switching from BlackBerrys to Apple iPhones, iPads

Google Apps for Government makes cross-platform central management of mobile devices possible, and BlackBerry Enterprise Server unnecessary.

Google's Bouncer shows Android malware the door

It may have arrived too late for the 5 million phones recently infected, but Google has introduced Bouncer, a service designed to muscle out apps carrying malicious code.

Windows Phone 8 secrets leaked

If the latest details are true, the Windows Phone 8, code-named "Apollo," will integrate the phone with the core Windows 8 operating and restore enterprise-focused features to Microsoft's smart-phone platform.

6 NASA technologies in play at the Super Bowl

Inventions and innovations created for the space program have filtered down to the playing field and have contributed to making the big game what it is.

Are the days of hands-off Internet policies numbered?

International regulations on telecommunications, drafted in 1988, will be revised later this year, and several countries could look to exert control.

RIM takes BlackBerry users to the cloud

Business smart-phone maker Research In Motion has rolled out its cloud-based service for BlackBerry devices that works with the Microsoft Office 365 suite of services.

DOD's move to Android started with DARPA apps program

Among the next challenges: ensuring connectivity and security in the field.

Army working to streamline networking efforts

The Army's new acquisition and evaluation process is beginning to show results as the service identifies shortcomings and rolls out new systems to troops.

Android apps infect 5 million phones with something bad

Symantec identified 13 apps that deliver what it says is a Trojan, but which another security company calls aggressive adware. Either way, who wants it?

Army takes aim at C2 battlefield tech

The Army is developing and improving command and control technologies to help make its warfighters more effective in the field.

After 10 years, $356M, Justice IG wants to scuttle IWN project

An inspector general's audit report recommends ending the troubled program for building a national wireless law enforcement network in favor of newer technologies.

Supreme Court: Planting GPS tracker on a car is 'search,' requires warrant

The court rules unanimously that police installing a GPS device on a suspect's vehicle constitutes a search and requires a warrant to be constitutional.

Switch glitch brings down Virginia police network

The failure of a network switch left Virginia's state police without access to law enforcement records for five hours Jan. 19, the AP reported.

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