responders (FirstNet)

'Ruthless preemption' now live for FirstNet opt-in states

Non-emergency communications will be "shifted to another line" to make room for voice and data traffic from police, firefighters and other emergency personnel.

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The credit card industry got it right, agencies should do the same

Behavior analytics working in concert with data loss prevention, tagging, multi-factor authentication and a light human touch would allow agencies to verify when an intruder is pretending to be an employee.

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Why defense in depth must include secure messaging

With the rise of SMS text messaging, agencies must defend against attacks that try to trick mobile users into clicking a compromised link, sharing personal information or downloading a malware-filled attachment.

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Data key to cracking opioid crisis, experts say

With the opioid crisis ravaging communities across the country, social services, law enforcement and health officials are leveraging data to help curb the problem.

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New Hampshire first to opt-out of FirstNet

Although 35 states and territories have decided to join the AT&T-based public safety broadband network, the proposal by Rivada Networks was "far and away our best option," the governor said.

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What we learned building a mobile app

Mobile apps are well worth the investment and will pay off in cost savings, efficiency and a better experience for an agency's mobile-savvy users.

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Rethinking the human element of government IT modernization

Digital transformation depends on aligning employee roles, skills and service delivery with the agency's mission and creating a flexible, collaborative environment.

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Creating mobile security standards

Agencies are moving forward with security standards for cell phones and mobile apps under a pair of recent policy directives.

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City apps run afoul of law of unintended consequences

A recent rule by Apple has forced some cities to modify or abandon their mobile app programs.

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New app maps overdose epidemic in real time

As drug overdoses are reported by responders, ODMAP tracks their time and location, giving authorities real-time information they can use to prepare a response or analyze trends.

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Another mass shooting, another locked phone

Federal investigators want access to the Texas shooter's locked phone, but most security researcher think it’s a bad idea.

Urban Sense (ORNL)

Real-time sensor net helps cities evaluate trends

Oak Ridge National Laboratory is working with its home town to deploy sensors to deliver real-time information on population density, traffic and environmental conditions.