How Pegasus for Android was unmasked

Even with security researchers looking for an Android variant of the iOS spyware, the sophisticated program designed to surveil specific targets managed to hide itself.

emergency alerts

The advantages of regional approaches to emergency notification

As multiple levels of government are often involved in responding to major incidents, agencies are banding together to develop a regional or statewide approach to critical communications.

tracking whales (ShutterStock image)

From disaster planning to conservation: mobile phones as a new tracking tool

The detail, immediacy and sheer volume of data from mobile phones also offers innovative ways to monitor and possibly solve some of the most pressing animal conservation problems.

responder apps (Shutterstock image)

FirstNet makes space for bleeding-edge apps

The nationwide broadband public safety network promises to support emerging technology applications like artificial intelligence and facial recognition.

State Department considers handheld biometric scanning

State Department considers handheld biometric scanning

State’s Diplomatic Security Bureau wants to determine the current market capabilities and price points for either a smartphone or tablet-based solution.

housing blight (ShutterStock image)

City enlists Instagram in blight cleanup

Combining Instagram photos with city property data, Mobile, Ala., found an innovative way to address blight.

FirstNet single interoperable platform for emergency and daily public safety communications

FirstNet finds experience to be the best teacher

The lessons learned from the early builder projects help FirstNet evaluate technical standards and capabilities, test new equipment and refine plans for future rollouts.

Reducing incarceration with technology (ShutterStock image)

Reducing incarceration with technology

Safety and Justice Challenge grant winners are working to address local justice disparities through innovative reforms.

President Trump

Lessons on emergency preparedness from the presidential inauguration

Fast, secure and reliable communication is critical for local emergency managers and law enforcement agencies responsible for major events.

2020 census lands on GAO

2020 census lands on GAO 'high risk' list

Government Accountability Office says implementing innovations may risk the Bureau’s ability to conduct a cost-effective census.

Self-destructing messages won’t fly in government

Self-destructing messages won’t fly in government

If Trump administration staff members are using an app that deletes messages after they are read, they may be in violation of records preservation rules.

smartphone user (ShutterStock image)

County adopts smarter emergency alerting

Berkeley County, W.Va., is implementing a mass public safety notification system.

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