GSA names leading edge technologies

The 10 technologies that will drive public-sector IT

A revised list of "leading edge technologies" for the Alliant 2 contract reflects the General Services Administration's vision for near-future IT.

Double-parked cars in boston

Boston tackles double-parking with Waze data

Boston’s Transportation Department is using data from its partnership with Waze to relieve congestion and send bicycle cops to the city streets with the most double-parked cars.

Agencies adjust FOIA processes

Agencies adjust FOIA processes

In an effort to reduce the backlog in filling Freedom of Information Act requests, the departments of Justice and Homeland Security are making some changes.

Cities show how to make open data usable

The Citygram app, which turns structured data into citizen-friendly local updates, can be a model for federal agencies’ open-data efforts.

derived credentials for smartphones

How to protect data for the always connected employee

The key to enhancing mobile security is combining a secure digital identity with a second authentication factor such as a PIN or fingerprint to let employees use their devices to authenticate themselves for physical and digital access.

Indiana: A showcase for the integration of visualization, mobility and analytics

Indiana: A showcase for the integration of visualization, mobility and analytics

By harnessing newly available data, mobile tools, cloud technology and personalized responses, Indiana has made significant improvements in the effective delivery of government services.

Mobile apps drive fleet management

Mobile apps drive fleet management

Fleet management apps at the General Services Administration and State Department give agencies real-time data integration between the field and home office.

How spectrum sharing works

How spectrum sharing works

A database dynamically allocates frequencies and maintains protocols for user priority so that devices can share the same frequency bands.

how mobile apps affect the enterprise

Behind the app: Integrating mobile into the enterprise

Not all agencies have the back-end systems integration or maintenance resources to get the most out of customer-facing mobile apps.

Can Watson make government apps smarter?

Can Watson make government apps smarter?

A team of students at the University of Texas at Austin won $100,000 in startup funds for their work on a mobile app that helps users access Medicaid and other public services.

disa mobile users get classified access

DISA debuts new classified mobile access and devices

Now operational, the Defense Mobile Classified Capability – Secret provides better performance, a mobile device management system and a new secure mobile device.

impact of mobile on local government

How mobile impacts local government communications

America’s appetite for mobile information has moved the needle on digital local government from ‘because we can’ to ‘because we must.’

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