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Unlocking iPhones at $50 a pop

As mobile-phone encryption becomes more sophisticated, law enforcement agencies are looking to new low-cost tools for unlocking devices.

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A smartphone-based 'office' for parole agents

California's Virtual Integrated Mobile Office app lets parole agents update their case files from smartphones while in the field.

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Inventory management system streamlines foresters' field work

Soon available on foresters' personal mobile devices, the Michigan Forest Inventory system helps the state manage its trees for habitat preservation, recreation and timber sales.

eInspection app for oil gas inspectors

Environmental inspectors find mobile app to be a force multiplier

With the help of tablet-based app, Pennsylvania's Department of Environmental Protection "massively" increased the number and accuracy of its inspections of oil and gas wells.

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MyCOMPASS makes social services navigation mobile

With the secure app, users can access and review their benefits, upload documents and report changes, improving customer service and saving Pennsylvania millions.

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Parents, staff win with mobile app for child support services

Georgia's Child Support Services Mobile App lets clients make payments and appointments, view their cases and get answers to common questions, making the process more convenient for state employees and users alike.

First Responder SmartHub  (DHS S&T)

Building a modular architecture for first responders

The First Responder SmartHub architecture will allow individual body-worn devices or modules to interact with each other to give responders the capabilities they need.

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Federal agencies move on mobile-friendly websites

With more than 40 percent of traffic to federal websites coming from mobile users, agencies must ensure their citizen-facing mobile websites are as friendly as the desktop versions.

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Texting trumps phone tag for offender outreach

Case workers using Code for America's ClientComm engage probationers via text message.

secure phone to transmit medical data from battlefield

Army looks to digitize battlefield medical data

The challenge: Using classified networks to transmit secure-but-unclassified health data and connect field medics to distant treatment facilities.

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What do government workers think of collaborative tech?

As agencies move toward seamless omnichannel collaboration, the majority of employees still report the performance of unified communications technology is lacking.

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How hardware-based technology keeps mobile devices secure

With the Trusted Execution Environment, government can maximize the use of mobile devices while minimizing the associated risks.

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