first responder app challenge

IBM encourages development of cloud-based apps for first responders

The contest calls for development and delivery of cloud-based predictive analytic and mobile applications that can significantly improve the operational capability of first responders.

NIH’s app challenge takes drug abuse research mobile

NIH’s app challenge takes drug abuse research mobile

The National Institute on Drug Abuse is looking for an app that addiction researchers can use to leverage information from participants using mobile devices.

A Toughbook that focuses on flexibility

A Toughbook that focuses on flexibility

Panasonic announced the new Toughbook 20 -- a fully rugged and detachable laptop/tablet device ready for the Microsoft 10 Pro operating system.

LA puts 4G wireless in streetlights

LA tops LED streetlights with 4G wireless

A partnership between Los Angeles, Philips and Ericsson will install 100 energy efficient streetlights that also deliver improved network performance in dense urban areas.

TRADOC app store

Army launches app store

The Army’s Training and Doctrine Command has launched a mobile app store for soldiers to access information on the go.

Marine debris on the beach

Building a marine debris database, one cleanup at a time

With the Marine Debris Tracker app, citizen scientists are helping to clean up the marine environment.

Virgin media

Newest Wi-Fi option: Manholes

There is a new way cities can provide broadband to residents – via Wi-Fi hotspots embedded into manholes.

Army gets a GRRIP on remote communications

Army gets a GRRIP on remote communications

During the recent Network Integration Evaluation exercise, the Army tested its Global Rapid Response Information Package.

California highway

Smart irrigation saves Caltrans water and money

The California Department of Transportation installed smart irrigation technology to deliver only as much water as it needs to keep the highway’s plants and soil healthy.

PrecisionHawk LATAS drone traffic management system

How to do air traffic control for drones

PrecisionHawk’s LATAS platform combines radar, satellites and cell networks, offering a consolidated interface for tracking and monitoring drone activity within the national airspace.

mobile user texting

With infrastructure in place, AF readies mobile HR app

The Air Force is working on an app to give personnel access to benefits, payment and retirement information.

Cities kick out smartphone app threatening parking ticket revenue

Cities kick out smartphone app that fights parking tickets

Fixed, a popular smartphone app that fights customers’ traffic tickets for them, has been forced to cease its parking ticket services in three California cities.

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