Urban Sense (ORNL)

Real-time sensor net helps cities evaluate trends

Oak Ridge National Laboratory is working with its home town to deploy sensors to deliver real-time information on population density, traffic and environmental conditions.

digital city (ShustrikS/Shutterstock.com)

Stronger infrastructure policy will revolutionize everything

Tomorrow's cities will rely on our ability to future proof our infrastructure by marrying technology policy with investment.

What public transit can learn from Uber and Lyft

"Uberizing" public transit services -- bringing them to customers on demand -- can transform our approach to transportation issues.

flood responders (michelmond/Shutterstock.com)

Technology’s response to Irma, Harvey and Maria

Technology vastly improved how information was gathered and shared between federal and local leaders, emergency responders and residents.

police car in the city (Tiko Aramyan/Shutterstock.com)

Philadelphia bringing signal pre-emption tech to first responders

The technology will give first responders the right of way at traffic signals.

digital drivers license (Gemalto)

Maryland takes digital driver's licenses for a spin

Officials at the Maryland Department of Transportation learned two things since opting into a pilot test of digital driver’s licenses: The licenses are more secure than plastic cards, and people really like the idea.

DHS nurtures wearable tech for responders

Are wearables reliable enough for public safety?

National Institute of Standards and Technology will test wearables marketed to first responders.

in line at the airport (Tooykrub / Shutterstock.com)

DHS seeks tech for a better border-crossing experience

Technology that counts international travelers in airports and guides them to the correct inspection areas would streamline the inspection process and improve travelers' experience.

woman texting (KieferPix/Shutterstock.com)

Government embraces next-gen citizen services with chatbots

Agencies are using chatbots to field citizen question, facilitate complex tasks and increase engagement.

app development (RoryDesign/Shutterstock.com)

FirstNet launches app developer program

Developers now have access to a specialized resource portal to help them successfully build, test, deploy and maintain public safety applications.

FEMA Urban Search & Rescue teams (FEMA)

What's really slowing the restoration of Puerto Rico's communications?

DHS' emergency communications director told legislators that the devastation to the island's communications infrastructure means "we’re totally having to rebuild Puerto Rico.”

firing range ((U.S Air Force photos/Senior Airman Tristin English)

Tracking weapons without wasting officers' time

The Firearms, Armor and Credentials Tracking System mobile app makes it easier for law enforcement agencies to keep close tabs on their weapons and body armor.

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