VA Access to Care tool

From technically available to truly useful

The Access to Care tool lets veterans and their families view the wait times at Department of Veterans Affairs facilities, compare care ratings and review national data on access.

responders at a house fire (Ronald Caswell/

Secure communications across radio and cell networks

With mobile security technology added to Lockheed's Universal Communications Platform, secure communications networks can be extended to commercial smartphones.

FEMA mobile derived PIV credential (FEMA)

Practical security for FEMA in the field

Federal Emergency Management Agency employees can now securely access work email, the intranet and other applications remotely by registering their mobile devices and receiving credentials derived from their FEMA-issued personal identity verification cards.

mobile phone user (Don Pablo/

Real-time protection against malicious mobile traffic

APE was designed to monitor network traffic on smartphones and block any activity that isn’t playing by the rules, whether it comes from malware, viruses or a hacker.

responder with cellphone

Taking emergency management to the edge

DMI's Endzone brings a mobile-centric focus to situational awareness for emergency response.

man with bluetooth ear piece

BlueBorne and wireless risk: Going beyond NIST and standard frameworks

Wireless security is rampant with undiscovered vulnerabilities and insecure protocols that have been paid scarce little attention despite some having been successfully exploited.

Keys to the smart city: How to make initiatives successful

Digital gov finds its footing

Agencies are embracing a new generation of digital services, leveraging artificial intelligence, machine learning and collaborative software development practices.

woman with connected laptop and phone (SFIO CRACHO/

On the verge of true federal IT modernization

By embracing cloud, biometrics and mobility, agencies can deliver the types of services citizens have come to expect from the private sector.

NYC street signs (Andrey Bayda/

NYC takes new direction with street sign management system

The Transportation Department traded in its mainframe legacy system for an open source web-based app to manage signs and work orders.

mobile security (Nata-Lia/

DHS invests in mobile app security

The Department of Homeland Security's Science & Technology Directorate is funding research to secure the entire app development lifecycle.

firefighters responding in Hurricane Harvey (michelmond/

Responders fine-tune apps in back-to-back hurricanes

Lessons learned from Hurricane Harvey helped responders improve information sharing to help Irma victims.

InterSpec (Sandia National Laboratories)

Sandia app assesses radiation threats

InterSpec integrates many radiation analysis tools and resources into a single, easy-to-use mobile or desktop application that delivers real-time assessments.

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