mugs of beer (Patrick Thomas/

ABC cops use apps to spot fake IDs

Underage drinkers are using more sophisticated fake IDs, but alcohol enforcement officers in some states are using smartphone apps to scan driver’s licenses to help them quickly weed out the phonies.

ODmap smartphone app

ODmap gives responders real-time overdose data

Geocoded information about overdoses is sent from responders' smartphones to a secure server where it can be analyzed by authorized personnel.

sign inside a hospital (Inked Pixels/

VA puts virtual beacons in medical center

Designed to help patients use their smartphones to find their way around the facility, the virtual Bluetooth Low Energy system is managed from the cloud, giving facilities greater wayfinding options.

MERS Mobile Emergency Operations Vehicle at Disaster Site (FEMA)

FEMA delivers mobile communications for Harvey

As part of its response to Hurricane Harvey, the Federal Emergency Management Agency has sent almost a dozen mobile communications vehicles to the Texas coast.

NYPD officer (

NYPD ditches Windows phones

The New York Police Department will be replacing its 36,000 Windows phones with iPhones.

salem oregon eclipse map

GIS, mobile-alert tech shine during eclipse

Increased exposure to GIS and alerting apps from government and citizens alike during the eclipse may help broaden use of the technology.

soldier with smartphone (Army)

Emotional subtext in tweets may signal health issues

Researchers at Pacific Northwest National Laboratory analyzed 171 million anonymized tweets from users near military bases to find patterns of opinion and emotion that correlate with medical visits for influenza-like illnesses.

whatsapp (dennizn/

End-to-end encryption isn't enough security for 'real people'

Computer scientists must improve security where we are most vulnerable -- on our own devices.

Marines on a hike (Photo By: Cpl. Jeffrey Belovarac)

Wearables may lighten the load for Marines

By transmitting their real-time supply needs to platoon leaders, Marines could carry only what they need for the immediate future.

USP Tucson (Bureau of Prisons)

Can tech arrest prisoners' cellphone use?

The Bureau of Prisons is asking for help identifying technologies and systems that can prevent inmates from using contraband wireless communication devices.

smart cities

4 big opportunities for state-level innovation

States should encourage policies to stimulate investment in the digital economy, a Center for Data Innovation report finds.

cell phone conversation

BlackBerry's encrypted mobile service gets NSA approval

SecuSUITE for Government provides end-to-end encryption of voice calls and messages.

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