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Program for new Top Level Domains still in limbo after security glitch

ICANN plans this week to notify applicants for generic TLDs whose information might have been exposed, as the Web-based application system remains offline.

Gigabit WiFi speeds on the way, but beware the draft

The race to produce super-fast 802.11ac wireless routers ahead of IEEE's final approval could create some confusion.

The real threat: China, Iran or our own weaknesses?

Forget Russia, China and Iran. The real threat to critical infrastructure is a failure to address security fundamentals in the design and operation of U.S. systems, says one analyst.

ICANN's domain application system still down 2 weeks after data exposed

A security glitch has knocked the Web-based TLD Application System offline for two weeks, forcing ICANN to extend the filing deadline and postpone its publication of applications.

Solar-storm launch boldly goes where no rubber chicken has gone before

Some California high school students sent NASA's Camilla mascot into space during March's intense solar storms.

James Langevin

Rep. Langevin: Cyber law dithering endangers US critical infrastructure

Congress should set aside partisan differences to pass legislation that would require cybersecurity standards to protect U.S. critical infrastructure.

DARPA aims to replace regular satellites with floating clusters

The Defense Department's research agency seeks to build clusters of small spacecraft that work together and share information.

Liquid metal rock

Will the iPhone 5 be made of Terminator-like liquid metal?

The next iPhone reportedly will be made of Liquidmetal, a material that might not do everything the T-1000 could but is still like nothing you've ever seen.

Major cyberattack on US 'inevitable,' experts tell Congress

Without government mandates to secure critical infrastructure, a damaging cyberattack on the nation will happen, experts tell a House panel.

Smart-grid tech outpacing security, in 'delicate dance with risk'

Innovation for a smart energy grid is ahead of security, and breaches are inevitable, says the chief of an industry advisory group.

Iran takes oil refineries offline after cyberattack

Latest strike involving the country's industrial systems does limited damage, state-run news agency reports.

DataMotion cloud secures e-mail, multiple messaging services

The DataMotion Platform provides a secure, cloud-based data delivery service that reduces the need for multiple security systems for different applications.

Air Force wants unhackable comm, like in 'Mass Effect 3'

Researchers funded by the Air Force are exploring using "quantum memories" to secure long-range communications. Where have we seen that before?

Report: Stuxnet planted by Iranian double agent for Israel

An Iranian dissident working for Israel used a memory stick to implant the Stuxnet worm at Iran's Natanz nuclear processing facility, according to a published report.

ICANN shuts down gTLD applications after security glitch, extends deadline

Some applicants might have been able to take a peek at others' file names, so ICANN closed the system for several days and extended the application deadline to April 20.

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