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Iran takes oil refineries offline after cyberattack

Latest strike involving the country's industrial systems does limited damage, state-run news agency reports.

DataMotion cloud secures e-mail, multiple messaging services

The DataMotion Platform provides a secure, cloud-based data delivery service that reduces the need for multiple security systems for different applications.

Report: Stuxnet planted by Iranian double agent for Israel

An Iranian dissident working for Israel used a memory stick to implant the Stuxnet worm at Iran's Natanz nuclear processing facility, according to a published report.

ICANN shuts down gTLD applications after security glitch, extends deadline

Some applicants might have been able to take a peek at others' file names, so ICANN closed the system for several days and extended the application deadline to April 20.

National mobile alert system goes live; now phones have to catch up

CMAS can send text-based emergency alerts to all mobile phones in a targeted area, though many phones aren't yet equipped to receive them.

Feds still lag on telework, but is it the calm before the storm?

A new survey by the Telework Exchange shows that only 21 percent of feds regularly telework, and most of them are paying their own way.

NYC to try replacing pay phones with touch-screen kiosks

An upcoming pilot program in New York City will test the feasibility of replacing pay phones with interactive information kiosks.

Open doors with phones, and 4 other predictions for federal mobile access

CAC and PIV cards will move to smart phones in 2012, creating a new model for access control, according to observers' predictions.

Iran building a private, isolated Internet, but can it shut out the world?

The country's "national information network," set to be completed in 2013, would track users' actions and keep out any content the government deems offensive.

iPad is the new search warrant

Butte County, Calif., says it's the first county in the state to let judges use digital signatures to issue search warrants via their iPads.

DISA to roll out defense-wide mobility plan

DISA is gearing up to launch a DOD-wide mobility strategy that will include setting up an enterprise app store and establishing standards for software developers.

The possibilities -- and limits -- of smart phones and tablets

Panelists at FOSE talk about what mobile devices can do for government, beyond the obvious. But don't throw your laptop away just yet.

Organizations in dark as employees party on with BYOD

A SANS Institute study found that only 9 percent of organizations are "fully aware" of the personal mobile devices accessing their networks.

FAA says iPad pilot program is paying off

The FAA is confident that its mobile device program, which could also include Android and BlackBerry devices, will soon become standard practice.

Warrantless cell-phone tracking widespread, study finds

U.S. police routinely track cell phones in their investigations, but only a tiny minority obtain warrants to do so, according to an ACLU investigation.

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