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MUOS begins new era for defense satellites

The launch of the first Mobile User Objective System satellite in February marked a major step forward for the military's communications-on-the-move projects.

Big Apple in .nyc state of mind with plans for its own TLD

New York City is set to take advantage of ICANN's new rules allowing an expanded number of top-level domains.

Smart phones for multiple networks? FCC mulls changes.

The commission is considering rule changes that would make smart phones and tablets interoperable with different networks.

DOD's 3 challenges in protecting cyber infrastructure

House and Senate budget hearings focused on defining DOD's role in defending a largely civilian cyberspace, and on the challenge of recruiting and retaining the workforce it needs.

VA sets three-pronged approach to improving services

VA is continuing to modernize its IT infrastructure to provide improved customer service in the form of electronic health records, telemedicine and online apps.

IBM taps 33 cities worldwide for "smarter cities" grants

Eight U.S. cities were among 33 recipients of IBM's Smarter Cities Challenge grants for 2012, which handed out $50 million in IBM expertise to 100 cities worldwide.

See something, tag something: Crime-reporting app uses images, GPS

West Virginia has released a smart-phone app that lets users take pictures of suspicious activity, add a GPS tag and text, and send it to the state's fusion center anonymously.

More satellites means more SATCOM gridlock

The rapid global growth of satellite operators is causing substantial interference problems, experts say.

5 reasons you'll have a personal cloud by 2014

With the spread of mobile devices and apps, the personal cloud will replace the personal computer at the center of users' digital lives, according to a report from Gartner.

Neutrinos carry text message through solid rock

Whether neutrinos are faster than light is still up in the air, but researchers find they can take communications through stone.

Nervous when out of cell range? You may have nomophobia.

As if we didn't have enough to be afraid of, now there's nomophobia – the fear of being out of cell phone contact.

Military's leased satellites: Is there a better way?

The ways DOD pays for and manages its leased civilian satellite communications networks are inefficient and needlessly expensive, one industry official says.

Can simulated attack on NYC power grid bridge the partisan divide?

The demonstration for senators is designed to stress the urgency of passing cybersecurity legislation sooner rather than later.

Can cybersecurity profit from corporate self-interest?

The telecom industry's insistence that all regulation is bad for security does a disservice to those who rely on critical infrastructure.

New Apple tool helps configure, manage iPhones and iPads

The Apple Configurator is designed to help organizations manage large deployments.

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