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Google closes in on Motorola Mobility acquisition

Both companies have been playing a part in the military's move toward smart phones.

FCC shoots down LightSquared's plans for satellite network

Ruling comes after NTIA report concludes there is "no practical way" to solve the problem of GPS interference at the moment.

Can NASA give away a working satellite?

The GALEX space telescope is functioning fine, but its funding has dried up. If CalTech doesn't take over, it becomes one more piece of space junk.

Police test secure, interoperable app for smart phones

A software-based communications system allows first responders tcommunicate securely with each other and federal, state and local crews.

NOAA switching from BlackBerrys to Apple iPhones, iPads

Google Apps for Government makes cross-platform central management of mobile devices possible, and BlackBerry Enterprise Server unnecessary.

Where does the IT money go in 2013 budget proposal?

Obama's 2013 budget proposal aims to cut federal IT but increase its use when it makes government more efficient. Here's where 10 departments stand.

Budget reflects shift in scientific R&D, education

Funding requests for scientific research and development, including clean energy, bio and nano research and education, would increase under the president's 2013 budget proposal.

US energy systems have disaster written all over them

Bringing new, localized sources of energy online in a smart grid would help to create a resilient, independent energy system and could foil potential cyberattacks to boot.

Can government stem the rise of hacktivism?

Most distributed denial-of-service attacks today are politically or ideologically motivated, a dramatic change from past years, according to a recent survey. However, confidence in law enforcement to defend against these cyberattacks is at an all-time low.

Internet Society launches info hub for DNSSEC, IPv6

The Deploy360 site is an online resource for information on two transformative technologies being implemented globally on the Internet.

ACTA on the ropes: Protests could sink anti-piracy treaty

Some European lawmakers join protests against the U.S.-backed agreement, but is it really an international version of SOPA?

Google's Bouncer shows Android malware the door

It may have arrived too late for the 5 million phones recently infected, but Google has introduced Bouncer, a service designed to muscle out apps carrying malicious code.

New, stealthy threats change best responses to cyberattack

With advanced persistent threats, trying to ID the source can be 'futile,' so focus on minimizing the damage, a revision of NIST's guidelines for incident response says.

Windows Phone 8 secrets leaked

If the latest details are true, the Windows Phone 8, code-named "Apollo," will integrate the phone with the core Windows 8 operating and restore enterprise-focused features to Microsoft's smart-phone platform.

6 NASA technologies in play at the Super Bowl

Inventions and innovations created for the space program have filtered down to the playing field and have contributed to making the big game what it is.

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