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Switch glitch brings down Virginia police network

The failure of a network switch left Virginia's state police without access to law enforcement records for five hours Jan. 19, the AP reported.

DARPA seeks ways to rebuild space junk

DOD is developing new ways to get high-resolution images of spacecraft as part of a plan to build new satellites in orbit from parts salvaged from deactivated crafts.

House adds machine-readable docs site, iPad app

The House of Representatives is giving transparency a shot in the arm by providing easier access to the text of legislation and the Congressional Record with a new website and iPad app.

World IPv6 Launch date set; Google, Facebook, MS on board

The Internet Society sets the date when major service providers, equipment vendors and websites will permanently enable the new protocols. Will users see the difference?

Congress backs away from SOPA, PIPA in face of public outcry

A well-orchestrated campaign against anti-piracy bills in the House and Senate has forced legislators to reconsider provisions for filtering and blocking sites on the Internet.

Nailed it: SOPA protest a sign of things to come?

Thousands of websites went dark and/or urged visitors to sign petitions protesting the SOPA and PIPA anti-piracy bills, perhaps creating a template for future protests.

TSA adopts Coast Guard's emergency alert system

AWS allows the organization to send notifications and alerts to all of its personnel and facilities via voice, text and e-mail.

Users: We want a federal app store

A mobile app store and common mobile acquisition practices were among suggestions received from a call for comments by federal CIO Steven VanRoekel.

Wikipedia, others staging anti-SOPA blackout; White House weighs in

The online encyclopedia, Reddit and other sites will go dark Jan. 18 in protest, and the Obama administration agrees with their concerns over freedom of speech, Internet commerce and DNS security.

Survey: Nearly half of federal IT staffers use mobile for work

A research firm found 45 percent of federal IT employees said they were using mobile devices for work every day, mainly for e-mail, project management and social media.

County uses TV spectrum to expand Wi-Fi outdoors

New Hanover County, N.C., is expanding its municipal Wi-Fi network to 'Super Wi-Fi' using unlicensed space on the broadcast spectrum.

Ultrabooks and smart TVs are fine, but holographic talking windshields?

From ultra notebooks, smart TVs and windshields that let you know you're passing your favorite Tex-Mex place, CES was filled with gadgets that are becoming all-too-human.

SOPA undercuts Internet security, experts say; lawmakers float alternative

The OPEN Act, being floated online, would treat online piracy as a foreign trade issue, but not include the DNS blocking provisions of SOPA or the Protect IP Act.

NEC breaks long-range speed record with terabit transmission

The company combined four superchannels to simultaneously transmit 4 terabits/sec over 6,213 miles.

Motorola's encrypted smart phone meets FIPS, NSA standards

The AME 1000 Secure Mobile Telephony System combines a hardware-based encryption and certification module with a software-based secure voice system.

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