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Internet set for 'most significant' domain expansion in history

Despite fears of trademark infringement, ICANN says its process for new generic Top Level Domains, which opens the evening of Jan. 12 on the East Coast, has enough intellectual property protections.

Sandia's free tool makes Internet domain security easier

A computer scientist at Sandia National Laboratories has developed a visualization tool that can help admins with the task of deploying DNS Security Extensions.

New public printer: In shift to digital, GPO must 'do everything'

Davita Vance-Cooks, the newly-appointed acting public printer and the first woman in that position, says supporting customers' move from paper to digital is "critical to our survival at GPO."

Industry needs government help to protect infrastructure, GAO study says

There is no lack of guidance for protecting the nation's critical infrastructure, but a study found that government could do a better job of providing advice and assistance to non-regulated industries.

AT&T shows off Windows Phone-powered HTC Titan II at CES

According to AT&T, the phone carrier will carry the HTC Titan II with the Windows Phone operating system in the next few months.

Army to march with Androids, and other feds could follow

The Army's mobile device efforts are gaining momentum, and the effort could potentially reach across the entire federal government.

DOD moves toward mobile device buys

As the department works out details on how to manage them, it is taking tentative steps toward acquiring handhelds.

Air Force wants wearable computers

The Air Force is seeking input from businesses on developing a wearable computer system.

Police scanner apps are criminals' latest tool

What if criminal suspects could gain a leg up on police by listening in on secure law enforcement radio transmissions via smart phones? That's already happening in Maryland.

One for 911: NYC puts police, fire, medical calls on integrated system

All of the city's dispatchers are for the first time on the same system, which can handle up to 50,000 calls an hour.

Navy's new disaster response van runs on solar, wind power

The Navy's salvage command has rolled out a command van that uses solar, wind and battery power to supplement its generator.

Non-Latin Top Level Domain names grew in 2011

The number of country code Top Level Domains using non-Latin scripts and alphabets rose with the addition of 26 to 30 names in the last year.

Stuxnet, Duqu tip of the iceberg; more attacks on tap, researchers say

Files uncovered by Kaspersky Lab indicate that Stuxnet and Duqu are likely part of a much larger family of malicious code with multiple variants and payloads yet to be discovered.

DISA OKs secure Android mobile system for DOD

The Defense Information Systems Agency approved a mobile management system that allows DOD users of Dell smart phones to securely access critical DOD data and applications.

Who won in Iowa — Facebook, Twitter or the polls?

The presidential primaries offer an unofficial referendum on social media's ability to predict elections. With one of 50 states reporting, who's in the lead?

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