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Mobile network could tie USDA's far-flung agencies together

"USDA Anywhere" is intended to be a single departmentwide mobile network flexible enough to let its 29 disparate agencies modify it to suit their needs.

Mobile conflict: What users want vs. what agency needs

Agencies going mobile must balance users' expectations with security and operational imperatives, industry experts say.

Amazon Kindle Fire

Kindle Fire: A great 2nd tablet, with good features for the job

The Kindle Fire isn't an iPad killer, but instead can complement it and many others. It's the tablet to have if you have more than one.

Why we're unfit to wage cyber war

When a water pump burned out in Illinois, everyone was ready to point the finger at Russian hackers, proving we don't know enough about cyberspace and our own systems to effectively engage in cyber warfare.

Sensors for drones? DARPA wants an app for that.

Mobile developers who have worked on apps to help people find restaurants and buy movie tickets could soon be working on smart-phone apps to help the military fly its drones.

Business community rips plan to expand Internet's top domains

Allowing generic TLDs on the Internet will be a costly nuisance, witnesses told a Senate panel. ICANN says the program has robust protections.

Agencies' mobile question: How to get there from here?

The federal government wants to adopt mobile devices more widely, but its agencies and departments must consider a variety of issues before taking the plunge.

Virginia Tech alert system helps lock down campus after shootings

VT Alerts, installed after the 2007 rampage that left 33 dead, alerted people on campus via Web postings, e-mail, electronic messages, loudspeakers, phone calls and a desktop app.

Gov Web apps expose themselves to common attacks, study finds

Flaws that allow cross-site scripting and SQL injection are more common in government Web applications than in those of other sectors, Veracode reports.

Motorola Razr

Motorola debuts cutting edge RAZR smart phone

The Droid RAZR by Motorola proves that thin does not have to mean flimsy.

Acer Iconia Tab A501

Acer's tablet is fast-acting -- and long-lasting

The small form factor of Acer's Iconia Tab A501 belies its widescreen multi-touch display, and its weight would have you underestimate what's packed inside.

Why Androids are less secure than iPhones

It's not the phones, it's the apps: Android's popularity and lax security controls make it the most popular target for malware, according to McAfee Labs.

Banning e-mail in the office: Is this a good idea?

A large IT services company plans to ban e-mail altogether. Could this work in your office?

BART: 'Extraordinary circumstances' only for disrupting cell phones

The policy, adopted the wake of last summer's protests during which cell phone service was shut off, is not likely to quell criticism. The FCC says it will review the matter.

Applications for new top-level domains open next month

The land rush for new .anything top-level domains is expected to begin next month, but the price of admission will be steep.

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