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States, cities, pursue 'any-device' mobile platforms

State and local government CIOs are rushing to answer the public's demand for 'all information, anytime, from any device'.

LightSquared: GPS interference is device-makers' fault

In a petition to the FCC, the company says GPS device-makers have no right to protection from signal interference because LightSquared, not GPS devices, has a license to use the spectrum.

3 resolutions you can make for better security in 2012

Security budgets aren't likely to be plentiful in 2012, but there are things you can do that don't cost much.

Phishing economy: Why tiny Tokelau is 3rd largest country domain

The .tk domain of Tokelau, a New Zealand island territory with 1,400 people and no airport or seaport, is a primary channel for phishing e-mails from China.

DOD still wrestling with scalability, security for wireless networks

DOD experts discuss the challenges involved in issuing mobile devices to military and civilian personnel.

Army's thin-client system to keep field commanders in the loop

Command Web allows commanders to access and share information on the Army's data-rich, high-bandwidth command and control networks.

Mike Daconta

Are we serious about cybersecurity? Here's a test to find out.

The U.S. will either do the hard work necessary to establish a strong national cybersecurity defense or get stuck in the doldrums of decline.

Readers' choice: GCN's top 10 stories of the year

We covered a lot of ground in our technology coverage during 2011, but there were two topics that really grabbed readers' attention.

Intel's low-power Atom chip ready for Android smart phones, tablets

Will system-on-a-chip design finally let the company cut in on ARM's territory?

Got research? NIST could show you the money.

NIST has opened its research funding programs for fiscal 2012, with the IT Lab among nine grant programs that are accepting applications.

2012: 5 reasons it's not the end of the world (and 5 reasons to worry)

The Maya didn't predict the end of the world, just the end of a calendar. And new technologies even give us reason to look forward to 2012.

Army tests thin-client system for common operational view

The Army is evaluating a Web-based system that gives commanders access to previously unavailable data residing on thick-client applications.

Guide to better security for mobile access to networks

NIST’s new electronic authentication guidelines reflect the growing use of remote devices to access government systems, and could help expand use of PIV cards.

5 mobile products that are great for government

The GCN Lab reviews five of the latest smart-phone and tablet products that would be a good fit for government workers at the office, home and in-between.

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