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Cyber bill accents threat-info sharing, government IT monitoring

Sen. Lieberman introduces cybersecurity bill that offers limited liability for sharing threat information and emphasizes continuous monitoring of government IT systems.

IPv6 roadmap tweaked to help agencies over finish line

The Federal CIO Council, together with ACT-IAC, has updated its IPv6 roadmap to help agencies meet looming deadlines for new Internet Protocols.

Government reach for secure electric grid exceeds its grasp

The government efforts to secure the nation’s electric grid from cyberattack are hampered by a cumbersome regulatory system and inadequate enforcement, a Senate panel is told.

Too tired to vote? Don't hit that touch pad.

As a N.C. state legislator found out the hard way, errors caused by workplace fatigue can have decisive and sometimes irreversible results.

NYC adds free WiFi to pay phones, making them useful again

The pilot program expands the city's public wireless access, with costs being covered by the pay phone providers.

'Destructive' cyber attacks ahead, NSA's Alexander warns

The National Security Agency chief wants network-speed info sharing with the private sector to protect critical infrastructure, but insists NSA won't have time to read your e-mail.

When storms attack, Smart Grid could reduce outages, speed recovery

Bad weather in the past year has done what terrorists haven’t managed – disrupt power for a week or more at a time. Officials say Smart Grid technology could ease the pain.

Where’s my Internet? ISPs ready for DNSChanger calls.

Despite months of warnings and offers of help, hundreds of thousands of people still have not cleaned up DNSChanger infections and stand to lose Internet access July 9.

The AC/DC lesson: Why IPv4 will be with us a long time

Thomas Edison lost the Current Wars to AC back in the 1890s, but more than 100 years later some customers still were using DC power from the grid. Could IPv4 last as long?

Don’t get raided by a SWAT team; secure your wireless hub

There are risks to setting up an unsecured wireless hub, apparently including police attacking your home.

Hundreds of thousands at risk as DNSChanger deadline looms

More than 300,000 IP addresses, nearly 70,000 of them in the U.S., are being directed to servers that will go offline July 9. Computers at two federal agencies are still infected.

Domestic drones can be hijacked, turned into weapons, researchers show

A research team shows DHS and FAA how spoofing unencrypted GPS signals lets them take over drones in flight, potentially turning them into weapons.

Following the 'kill chain' to fend off cyberattacks

Lockheed Martin's approach is to identify the steps a hacker would need to take to gain access and then prepare for each of them.

Researchers twist light to send data at 2.56 terabits/sec

The experimental technology could break new ground in satellite communications, terrestrial links and even fiber optics.

Summer storms can kill your computers, even if you unplug

Take steps to keep your equipment safe from lightning strikes and brownouts, and don't forget about the cable.

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