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FCC inundated with mobile-device approval requests

The commission has had to increase the pool of ID codes for devices, from cell phones to security tags, and is considering new ways to approve them.

Bosses and CISOs: What we've got here is failure to communicate

A recent survey suggests CEOs and CISOs don't speak the same language. Maybe it's time for government to set some generally accepted standards for information security.

Obama aims to boost broadband deployment, app development

A two-pronged initiative aims to accelerate development and deployment of ultra-fast networks and the applications to use them.

Google, Amazon – and conflicts – dominate potential new Internet domains

With 751 applicants contending for 231 of the nearly 2,000 possible domain names, there is likely to be lots of horse-trading in the coming months. Who will get .app? Or .love?

NIST issues guide to fixing the holes in Bluetooth

The updated special publication offers guidance on countering threats to devices using Bluetooth, some versions of which provide only limited security.

ICANN kicks off Internet's largest expansion in history

The publication of more than 2,000 potential new generic top-level domains begins a new era for the Internet.

Avaya rolls out new family of government networking services

A new family of network communications and data networking services will allow agencies to quickly upgrade and manage new applications and capabilities.

And the Intelligent City of the Year is…

Riverside was honored for its project to build a fiber network throughout the city.

NASA: Moving to mobile is win-win

Agency's CTO says mobile devices can allow for better productivity, increased data sharing with the public, support for BYOD, and even crowdsourcing app development.

Why the FBI wants IPv6: It's better for tracking criminals

New protocols will allow individual IP addresses for all users, which doesn’t always happen with IPv4.

IPv6 traffic shoots up on World Launch Day; dot-gov domains join in

IPv6-enabled resources and traffic increased significantly June 6, the day set by the Internet Society to jump-start adoption. More than 130 U.S. government domains took part with no problems.

On World IPv6 Launch Day, governments in the cockpit

One-third of respondents in a new survey have deployed or are deploying the next generation of Internet Protocols, with government adoption even higher.

How BlackBerry holds onto government users

Despite growing competition from Android and Apple, RIM says its security, support for BYOD policies and cross-platform management services appeal to agencies.

Fugitives, beware: FBI's Most Wanted list goes mobile

The new smart-phone version of the bureau's website includes the popular 10 Most Wanted feature as well as crime statistics, scrollable lists of missing children, and the sex offender registry.

Turn on IPv6, get attacked by malware

As content providers and end users adopt IPv6, malware using the new Internet Protocols is ready and waiting, says content delivery company Akamai.

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